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  • Premier Icon dannybgoode


    I have the single bass driver version and they are astonishingly good for the money.

    Placed right they even have something almost resembling a proper sound stage and decent separation between top middle and bass.

    And they are nice and dinky.


    I have some JBL Creature speakers which are great. The small speaker units sit on the desk and produce a great quality sound. They come with a bass unit as well which sits underneath my desk and doesn’t get in the way.

    Had mine for 4 years with no issue at all.


    I have had the Bose Companion 3 set for about 4 years and cannot recommend them enough I like the control pod so you can control the sound at any point without having to touch anything on the pc. I did look at a few other ones which were :

    – BOSE Computer MusicMonitor 2.0 PC Speakers
    – HARMAN KARDON SoundSticks III 2.1 PC Speakers


    Reccomend me some please.

    Ideally small and discrete so they can fit on the desk nicely, but without sounding horrible.

    Not for gaming or watching movies just for a little enjoyable listening while getting a few jobs done on the PC or filing/sorting stuff in the home office.

    From what I have googled so far I would love B&W MM1’s but no way am I paying £400!

    Bose Campanion for about £100 is a better priced contender.

    Suggestions please.


    No question, a Minirig. Delevoped in Bristol. They are amazing little speakers with ages of battery life. Multiple mini rigs can be daisy chained for more volume (but they’re pretty bloody loud anyway). There is a sub on the way too.


    Can you still get Minirig speakers anywhere? They’re unavailable on & amazon.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Bose Companion 3 are great having used some for 3 months whilst staying at a mates place, but outside the stated budget. I have been hankering after some for a while but cannot justify cost.


    They keep coming available at Amazon and Play, I think demand is more than they can supply at the moment. Perhaps Chemical records.

    Premier Icon dazh

    I’ve got some of these Audioengine A2s

    Very pleased with them. A bit more than £100 but worth it IMO. They’re much louder than they look and have the bass sound you’d expect from something much bigger.

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    I tried all of the Bose range at home & ended up buying the Bose Computer MusicMonitor, now I’m no fan of Bose, I usually hate them, but for the size V’s style V’s performance these ones did it for me, just a tad out of budget though 😉

    Premier Icon Kamakazie

    THe Audio Engine A2s are class by all accounts.
    I’ve got the Creative T40s linked above but would say stretch your budget if you can. Still damn good for the money though.

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