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  • Computer games you,ve been hooked on growing up.
  • A couple for starters, jetpac and attic attack on the speccy then moved on to shuffle puck cafe and kick off on the atari st .happy days playing half the night while the family slept. All these games so simple yet far more addictive than anything I’ve found on pc and ps3 .

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    Can I be the first to suggest Elite

    Gorf. Defender.

    Proficiency is a sign of a misspent youth and all that! And it shows my age 🙁

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    Colossal Cavern!

    EDIT: on a timeshared Pr1me over a dialup line.

    mr plow

    On the Amiga it was Stunt Car Racer, Supercars 2 and Microprose Golf against friends. Later it was Mariokart on the snes. Still get the snes out for a session of Mariokart with one of my best mates now and again.


    doom,the first one.
    I remember going to bed and still seeing the arm out and the walls around me.
    fifa 98 I think it was.had to sell my playstation.good thing that
    Gta,in a student of the few things in life I’ve managed to finish.

    Mrs Toast

    On the Speccy, I’d have to say Jet Set Willy, Booty, Horace Goes Skiing and The Perils of Bear George.

    On the C64, Phantom of the Asteroids.

    On the Amiga 500, Alien Breed, Buggy Boy, New Zealand Story and Zool.

    On the Megadrive, Super Street Fighter 2 championship Edition, Road Rash and Sonic the Hedgehog. Ooh, and Streets of Rage 2, which taught me that delicious healing chickens could be found in bins.

    On the Cd32… Well, let’s not talk about that.

    On the Playstation, Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Micro Machines and Castlevania SotN.

    Sadly I was legally an adult by the time the list gets to the PS2. D:


    never got that hooked as a kid or teenager, but about three years ago made the mistake of playing wow. Staying up to 4am on a school night ‘raiding’ defines addiction for me… Great game. Uninstalled now as it was getting unhealthy!


    Quake 3 arena. Was very good at it for a time. DOnt touch games now.

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    Spy Hunter, Dally Thomson Decathlon


    Frantic Freddy on the C64 was ace!

    Also BMX racers, which looks crap but was one of my favourites.

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    Lords of Midnight. Free on the cover of Crash magazine I think.

    anyone remember REVS, the 1st true F1 sim, few years ago mind..

    Forgot about Daleys decathlon on the speccy, great fun hammering the keyboard to death. Also doom on my first proper pc led to a few all nighters.mate used to play as his Mrs went to bed , next thing he’d hear her getting up , quickly dive on setee and let her wake him up for work. Reading the posts so far I’ve been hooked on a lot more than I have remembered, must be in denial. Oh the happy days of paying a pound to sit in the local pc shop on a bank of BBC computers.

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    You are standing at the end of a road before a small brick building.
    Around you is a forest. A small stream flows out of the building and
    down a gully and a wide path leads northwest.

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    ? s

    You are in a valley in the forest beside a stream tumbling along a rocky

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    ? xyzzy

    There is a brilliant flash of light and a sudden fanfare of trumpets!
    When your eyes recover from the flash, you find that:
    It is now pitch dark. If you proceed you will likely fall into a pit.


    jet set willy, monty mole and jack the nipper

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