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  • Component theft in Edinburgh city centre
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    At the bike rack outside my office, under the full glare of CCTV, beside a busy pavement of people and at a continually busy junction, we’ve had two separate thefts over the last two days.

    Each time, the same thief has come and stolen the handlebars, brakes (levers, cables, calipers) and gears (levers, dérailleur) from two different mountain bikes. The guy cycles up on a pink/purple bike, parks in the rack and then casually works away.

    Police came in today and believe they recognise the thief, but until they catch the cretin, be very careful if you’re parking around the Morrison Street/Semple Street area.

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    thats why everyone should have pinhead.

    sucks balls though – dutty tea leafs

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    nina –
    thats why everyone should have pinhead.

    that’s why everyone should have a baseball bat

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    i had the same years ago from my brand new klein

    was locked up at the back of the filmhouse

    they stole really odd bits like the top clamp of the seatpost and the saddle, 2 brake calipers and 1 QR

    thieving scum neds also stole my locked rockhopper from outside KFC. tey all leant against the window so i couldn’t see, kicked off the lock and stole me and my mates bikes. the chicken wasn’t worth it. they found the odd bit of it in some blokes garage and he fessed up to splitting it and selling it but wasn’t worth getting 12p a week compensation or whatever they’d try and get out of him

    yes i KNOW i shouldn’t have left them unattended

    but i was young and inevitably drunk

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    I wonder how feasibile it would be to replace all M5 allen bolts on the bike with things like this:

    although TBH, I wouldnt lock anything but a ratbike up in town these days anyway.

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