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  • Comparing Activities in Garmin Connect
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    At the risk of sounding like a competitive Strava geek (I’m not) is it possible to compare 2 or more activities in Garmin Connect? My commute can be on the same route and therefore I can make a direct comparison and see where my performance is declining. For instance by flicking between tuesday and thursdays rides to work I can see I spent more time in Z3 on tuesday but it could have been I was slower up the hills today etc etc.


    Premier Icon robj20
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    This is something I have been trying to get for a while.
    Id like to see certain segments compared to see if I’m getting faster or slower.

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    Why not just feed your Connect data in to Strava and set up a private segment? You can keep all of your data private.

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    In Strava you can sort of do this. If you select your ride then go to the segments. Select which segment you want to see, then select your results. This will show you the date ridden and the time it took for each effort.

    This only compares segements and not full rides.

    Obviously no good for you if you want to see it in Garmin connect as opposed to Strava.

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    I wanted connect to do exactly this year’s ago, pre strava.

    It can’t so you need to sync to strava, set up your commute as a segment, Mark private then compare.

    I have a 40 min route near that I use to train, great mix of climb, tech, pedally bit and descent and it is a great measure of overall fitness.

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    thanks all – looks like I will need to become a Strava user. I have actually got an account as I was trying to use the Heat Map

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