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  • tpbiker

    We all appreciate things go wrong sometimes, and we all like to moan at the likes of on one. but what companies provide the kind of customer service that makes you want to buy from them again.

    Obviously hope, I had dealings with them in the past and they were awesome

    Also stages, 6 year old crank that’s well out of warranty and they are well in their rights to tell me to sod off..but they have provided great support, are sending me new o rings and battery covers at no charge, and committed to helping me out if that doesn’t sort the issue.

    Anyone else?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    More the importers representing them, SRAM Aus, top guys heaps of help and support, same with Lusty the SC importer.


    Santa Cruz/Jungle


    Topeak! Lost my multi tool case a few weeks after buying it. Sent them an email, asking if I could buy a replacement. They sent one out next day FOC.

    Fantastic customer service!

    Also rate CRC/wiggle customer service

    Hope’s an obvious one even though I haven’t had much of their stuff that’s actually failed, just 2 axles & a battery charger (in 27 years).
    Pace were actually pretty good with some forks that the coating had come off.

    Sorry but I don’t seem to break things.

    Hope, Oakley, Trek and Exposure are all spotty dog from personal experience.

    Premier Icon stevie750

    This thread needs a serial breaker. Anyone know the whereabouts of Midlands trail quest graham


    Second Chainreaction & Wiggle also Endura. Not bike but had a no quibble warranty pair of Salomon Speedcross after the first pair the stitching started to fail.


    D&d cycles and production privee.

    Last year i got a phone call out of the blue from Andora. It was pp themselves. A green shan had been found stolen, i apparently have the only one in Scotland and d&d had passed on my details.

    It wasnt mine but d&d had set up a production privee group on fb and i had seen a canadian post about hers getting stolen when she visited scotland. I passed her details onto d&d and she was reunited with her bike.

    Simply amazing, customer service, community and one of the reasons I would completely recommend both to anyone looking for an amazing hardcore steel bike.


    also Endura

    I once emailed them with an product suggestion, a set of braces to work with their “click fast” system, they declined the idea but sent me a set of click fast fasteners for me to try the idea out with.

    Premier Icon jsync

    Stif have warranties a couple of things fo4 me that were out of warranty / nothing to do with them without me asking them to.

    Osprey sent me a spare clip that I trapped in the car door when I asked to buy one.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Winstanleys fixed my bike twice with no agro at all.


    Lightwave – my 3 yr old tent had a tiny leak and a tear. they got it repaired for free despite being out of warranty


    Bird – Always very helpful with any issues, sold me a crank very cheap after I twisted mine.
    Paul’s Cycles – helped me out with a few issues. One was a bike I got mail order, found it a touch too big but I’d scratched the seat post, they said to just post the bike back but keep the seat post and front wheel (to prevent damage in transit). They then posted me the next size down.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    CRC have been great at sorting issues very quickly. As have Hope.

    Not had any warranty issues but general pre-purchase help was brilliant with Mac-Ride.


    Petzl for me. Let Someone borrow my your house and they broke part of it. Rang Petzl to ask where to buy the part and they sent it out for free.

    Premier Icon hot_fiat
    Subscriber had a pair of Atera bars fail. They replaced them by next day delivery with whatever I wanted that would fit the car. Some wing bars appeared in my hallway without them requiring the ateras back first.

    Bought a replacement four bike adapter for my Strada. I forgot to order a lock set. They supplied two foc and also made sure they were the same lock number as my strada based on their records from years ago.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    I had a Nest smoke alarm die on me within warranty. They couriered a replacement to me for the next morning along with a return label to send the old one back, after just a phone call. I was amazed.

    Premier Icon Caher

    Boardman were very attentive when I had an issue with my new bike, even s follow up call later.


    I’ve had great service from Bird and Four4th lights who went above and beyond.

    Online. I had a shock that stopped holding pressure (TFT say it’s a compatibility issue between that shock and my bike). They asked if I was reasonably competent at fettling if so they’d send a fix and detailed instructions. The fix turned out to be an upgraded shock.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Tf tuned.

    Good to see winstanleys get a mention, they’ve often gone the extra mile for me.

    Premier Icon cb

    Trek, Hope, Oakley as above.

    Hayes as well, in the States, their UK importer / agent (at that time) couldn’t have been less helpful…

    Premier Icon RicB

    Oakley, Silverfish, J-Tech, Hope, Sealskinz and Exposure have all been great ime.

    The best was Leatherman. I snapped a small screwdriver on mine when using it to pry pads apart in -10 temperature. It was 15 years old. I sent it back asking if they could repair it and they sent me a brand new Wave worth £100!


    Exposure. I bought a go pro adaptor mount from another retailer that was such a poor fit I was concerned it was a fake. Contacted Expoaure and they sent me a replacement free of charge.

    Premier Icon mesh

    Hunt were ace for me when I bought some gravel discs from them before dirty Reiver a couple of years ago. Delays in their shipment meant the new ones wouldn’t arrive in time, so they sent me an ex demo set and adapters I needed so I could have them for DR.
    Great guys to deal with in my experience.


    I won’t use them any more due to their tax dodging plus I use independent now but I found amazon customer service to be incredible.

    Oakley, kitchen sink rucksack started coming apart and after a few photos new rucksack arrived within days.
    Marin/ATB Sales after I ovalised the headstock of my 3 year old Attack Trail they sent out a then current Wolf Ridge within 7 days (country had ground to a halt with 1 inch of snow at the time, well the SE bit had).

    Premier Icon al2000

    +1 for D&D Cycles / Production Privee. I had a similar experience to @stevemuzzy, which resulted in the recovery of 2 stolen bikes.

    Premier Icon hardtailonly

    MTB Batteries.


    The end.

    Wiggle refunded me the cost of some forks I had sourced and already bought elsewhere to resolve a warranty issue on a bike that they couldn’t fix themselves.

    Rose bikes sent me out a replacement integrated seatpost clamp despite me admitting I had overtightened ut deliberately to try and stop a carbon post slipping.

    Charlie the Bike Monger acted as intermediary with Salsa when I was replacing a crash damaged frame that I bought in Canada, and then sent me a CtBM t-shirt for the privilege. Kept the t-shirt longer than the bike…

    Premier Icon cheers_drive
    Subscriber opened some complete roof bars to strip of the beam as I changed cars and needed wider ones. Then got it to me for the next day before I headed off camping.

    Premier Icon Ambrose

    ‘The best was Leatherman. I snapped a small screwdriver on mine when using it to pry pads apart in -10 temperature. It was 15 years old. I sent it back asking if they could repair it and they sent me a brand new Wave worth £100!’

    Victorinox are as good as this, but better. I managed to break a blade when hammering it into a hardwood door. I ‘phoned the importers and they asked me to send it to them for repair. No charge. I explained again that I had hit it, very hard, repeatedly with a hammer. No charge.

    The knife had huge sentimental value and was battered and knocked about so looked to some like a piece of tat but to me every knock and dink was important, it was a reminder. I asked Victorinox to replace the main blade, preserve the scales and just polish and sharpen the remaining blades. That is exactly what they did.

    Blummin fantastic.

    Part of the ME family- also great for after sales service.

    About us


    Minor spares and a couple of repairs to lights from Hope, all FOC of course. On the retail side I’ve had good dealings with Spa Cycles.

    Customer service tends to be one of the first things to go when the bean counters get hold of a business because it doesn’t contribute directly to the bottom line. What they don’t realise is that it’s that “backup” that is one of the attractions to customers in the first place. The “I broke it, my fault”, “No worries, we’ll fix it” responses related above will have generated loyalty.

    A business also has to have quality products and process so that there aren’t large numbers of returns to deal with in the first place. Something the <insert brand here> haters fail to realise.

    Orange and Hope spring to mind for me. You can easily get to the person you need to speak to without going round the houses and all queries/enquires/issues are dealt with quickly and professionally by friendly people.

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    Although this might swin against the tide of many STW comments, I can only go on my experiences.

    I’ve a few things with Hope. Varying success and response. But not as willing as I expected given what I had read.

    Not issues as such, more general customer service but Cotic are always a pleasure to deal with.

    Although Tredz get some negative comments on here they were excellent when a pedal failed. Even offering a loan pair for a ride I had booked (I had spare in the end).

    Another positive was trigger bell. Really nice guy that runs them snd very helpful.


    Jungle/Santa Cruz
    Bloke that did my driveway (not bike related but he was great)

    I had fantastic service from Alpkit in Ambleside this week.


    Osprey sent me a spare clip that I trapped in the car door when I asked to buy one.

    ^^This , did the same thing, also good experience with Exposure, no charge to fix my MaxxD , Hope popped a new freehub in the post for me ,Sweet Protection sent me new helmet pads when I offered to buy, santa cruz/Jungle, emailed asking for new pivot bearings at the weekend, dropped through the door this morning 😀

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