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  • Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    My canon superzoom compact got a scratch on the lens beyond economic repair so I’m considering its replacement.

    I might get a tough compact for taking out on the bike (and live in a readily-accessible pocket). Something with a better aperture but less zoom than the SX230.

    I’m also thinking of a copact format interchangeable lens camera (probably in addition to a tough compact) – which I’m hoping will give me some real high-quality shooting compared with the superzoom. I’m thinking I’d be able to match up a couple of lenses to cover the usual landscape to tele requirements and get a f1.8 50mm equivalent for some fast bike shooting…

    And it seems to cost similar or less than an SLR.

    Are my expectations realistic? What are the experiences from the real-world users on here?


    If you’re carrying it in a bag then an interchangeable lens system is fine.

    I had a GF1 and whilst it produced great results it needed a bag, too big for a pocket.

    If you want something that’ll fit in a jersey pocket then look at the decent compacts.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    Cheers rich – I reckon the CFC with a pancake might be ok in a pocket – but that’s one of the ways I damaged the Canon superzoom. I’ve clarified above but I might consider a tough camera in addition to a CFC


    I’ve got my eye on one of these next, not a toughie but a suitable case would still make it pocketable.


    Pricey I know, but the best out there from a number of reviews, not just that oone.


    I have a GF2. I’m no photographic expert but it takes nice pics and looks da bomb.

    Chunky tho, even with the supplied 14mm lens.

    Premier Icon Simon E

    Do you need a tough camera or a decent case?

    I agree with those who say the 4/3 cameras are still rather chunky. They are a lightweight alternative to SLRs rather than a genuinely pocketable upgrade from a compact. Even the short range kit zooms aren’t tiny, only the pancake primes would be classed as really small.

    It may be you’re trying to fit your wants to the platform rather than finding a product that suits you best. And if you have both won’t you then have the dilemma of which to carry? Good luck either way.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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