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  • Commuting without a rucksack – what to use?
  • TheBrick

    carradice saddlebag. It may be advisable to use a aluminium seat post so save the post from the clamping mechanism, forget it’s name.

    EDIT SQR block.

    15 L but hey go bigger up to about 25 L


    Also look at handlebar bags perhaps?


    I need to carry food for lunch, wallet phone, waterproof and other small bits

    Stuff waterproof in your existing saddle bag, stick the rest of it in your back pockets? Depends how big your lunch is I guess.


    The courier style bays that ride lower on your back are good as you don’t sweat much from there. I have just.bought an osprey that seems.good.


    Or I have a large capacity north face waist pack, also good for the no sweat zone.

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    SQR Glentress would be a good commuter bag for that kind of volume:



    i used a bumbag for a while. just big enough to get a rolled short, socks and undercrackers into. covered a much smaller area of back than a rucksack, so less sweatiness.

    now i’m getting on a bit i’d quite like a sensible audax-y thing with proper mudguards and minimal luggage carrying ability for commuting. (strokes chin).


    I’d go with the pockets suggestions also.

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    I have a 50mile round trip commute and i hate carrying a rucksack as my back gets wet through with sweat.

    I have some clothes at work so I need to carry food for lunch, wallet phone, waterproof and other small bits plus usual spares which currently reside in a small seat pack. The bike is a carbon road bike so has no pannier fittings.

    apart from this

    from ortileb, does anybody have any other options?

    Ta in advance



    stAn-Bad Brains MBC + 1

    use my topeak daily for commuting though I have the straight post.


    I use this svelte pannier rack on my braze on-less allez. It uses the rear brake pivot and qr to attach. It’s really well made and looks far stealthier than the typical rack due to the slim top platform.

    510g (average) 50kg capacity (good) £30 (very good!)


    don’t use one anymore got this instead

    got proper racks n’stuff


    saddle bag with all bike related spares in it.
    I use a cycling bum bag – no idea of proper name- you can get this though

    not sure of capacity or how much space the rucksac bit takes up /wastes but something like that. you can squeeze a fair amount into mine and i use it for local summer rides as well for same reason as you. Not sure capacity is massive though but would easily take wallet , phones, keys butty box and space for other small items

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