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  • Commuting waterproof that isn't high-vis yellow
  • Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I fail to see why you wouldn’t want hi-viz clothing when its specifically for commuting.

    Maybe you need to talk to the Samaritans..

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Altura Night Vision anything, any colour other than yellow? 😕

    Edit: Ok now I’ve read it properly. I’d buy a Montane Velo or Photon depending on budget from CRC, currently on sale.

    The orange version is also high-vis fluorescent.

    The Montanes are also high-vis fluorescent.

    bandito – call me a tart, but I don’t want to wear fluorescent stuff. If drivers can’t see bright yellow, they can’t see even brighter yellow. I have scotchlite slathered everywhere, full road legal reflectors, 700 lumen kicking out the front and back, an additional backup flashing rear, brightly coloured kit and bright ellow ortleib panniers. A suicide commuter I am not 🙂

    I’ve been after a brightly coloured commuting jacket that isn’t high-vis yellow for a while. Can anyone recommend something?

    Preferably yellow, but anything considered.

    I only wear it in occassional unavoidable stair-rod rain (I have a large variety of softshells etc) so super high-tech materials are not a requirement. Small packed size, durability and cheapness preferable. If it has a rear backup light loop and a bag/folds into its own rear pocket, so much the better.

    I want to be seen, but I draw the line at looking like a motorway construction worker …

    This looked just the ticket, until it turned up, when it became obvious it was high-vis yellow, not a nice canary yellow:

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