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  • Gary_M

    Yeh come on then trail_rat tell us the secret to fantastic canti braking in the wet. In the dry mine are spot on, but like most rim brakes stopping in the wet is piss poor. I'd love to know how you get a canti to have 'no issues stopping' in the wet. Apart from obvioulsy anticipating greater stopping distances. You must have some water dispersal trickery going on because every canti has to clear water off the rim before the brake bites.

    I know all about cable angles, different pad compounds, toe in and all the other set up tricks btw.

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    I have clearance issues running cantis and a rack. Wondered why my braking had gone rubbish, then realised the little metal Dairylea on the straddle wire was hitting the rack struts way before the pads contacted the rim.

    I get mild brake judder too which nothing seems to cure. I notice that Mick is running his straddle wires really high which might help, but it also makes your brakes a lot less progressive and powerful.

    The reason that CX bikes come with cantis is to do with mud – clearance thereof, and the stuckness of the UCI regulations therein. Nothing to do with performance IMO.

    due to snaping/bending the rear axels in both commuters I'm comuting on the BMX, U-brake rear (pathetic, 20" rims give them no leverage), and a foot jammed into the fork for endo-tastic-ness.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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