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  • rootes1

    mudguards – def – get some proper SKS ones..

    also once you have mudguards then rainlegs are ace

    ron jeremy

    Rucksack or panniers with work clothes rolled up in them, shoes, anti persperant, and wet wipes on desk at work, works for me on my commute 7miles each way…

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Baby wipes and nice smelly stuff kept at work. And don’t ride like you stole it!


    Can you leave clothes in work. I have a locker for ppe so leave a complete change at work just in case. Hardly ever use them but once or twice it has saved me from sitting around damp.


    I should remember to not make myself late and have to sprint everywhere. It’s harder to not get sweaty now that it’s become warmer.

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Get some Rapha gear. Then you’ll still be stylish even if you’re sweaty.

    And you can tell the “Getorftheroad” brigade that your clothes cost more than their cars and they should go back to eating cake. You pay VAT, they are probably net benefit claimants.

    (In all seriousness, invest in a decent base layer, overshoes and maybe leave some decent cycling kit at work if you’re inspired to take the long way home)


    I’ve just started to commute as I’m now office bound, anyway. Changing and washing facilities are non existent, but the rides short so not a problem.
    Anyone got any top tips for any kit to help you keep clean and dry?

    I’ve found an old style MTB the best tool for the job as I have a mix of road and cycleways. First job though is to fit old steel forks to take full mudguards and road tyres.
    Oh and the bell, they really work. One ping and folk just breathe in.
    Enjoying so far, got wet legs one day though, and I have to keep my boots polished to keep the water out.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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