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    £3.50 return on the train!?… Where to you live? 1985?

    off peak innit? Train travel is fairly inexpensive when the train companies aren’t bending you over for having the temerity to go to work during office hours “managing passenger volume via economic incentive”.

    Off peak yeah. I’m lucky I get to avoid the 0800-1700 crowds and the gobby little school shits. Went ok today the train and bike plan. Easier on the way back.



    Just do it. One of the best decisions of my working life has been to make sure I live within cycling distance of work. Keeps you fit, saves a shed-load of money.

    I’m waiting for a job to come up at Bolton or Blackburn. Never have to drive again then.

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    I’m off the bike this week as I`m full of cold / feel really crap, but I normally love it whatever the weather


    OP, I’m about to make the same change in commuting routine! If you’re looking for a shower try theatres as they usually have them otherwise ask about. You’ll often find anaesthetists cycle or run to work (dunno why) or speak nicely to someone in general office about using on call facilities. Good luck!

    Yeah, NHS trusts are supposed to be encouraging cycling so they should really provide showers. As stated, there will be showers dotted around the hospital – just have to find one that works for you.

    At our trust there’s a cycling co-ordinator lady who manages the bike2work scheme, access to bike sheds etc. Maybe you have one of those people?

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    I work for NHS Blood & Transplant and commute a 14-mile round trip to the Filton centre when I’m not travelling all around the country.

    Because it was built in 2008, it has: secure bike storage, showers, locker, a drying room and some emergency cycle kit (pump, WD40 etc) and a helpful e-mail group for cyclists. Most of this is just usual facilities co-ordinated into a bike-friendly package because of the lack of car parking… but it’s the thought that counts.

    I don’t usually feel the need for shower. As others have said, unless you sweat like a beast and it’s warm weather; a good merino top and antipersperant will be your allies.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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