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  • Commuting Advice/Tips – Baildon to Harrogate
  • FunkyDunc

    I’ve just got a new job in Harrogate, so I am hoping to commute by bike at some point in the week, I’m a virgin to road commuting.

    I used to commute 14 miles each way from Saltaire to Leeds centre along the canal (never touched a road) and used my hardtail. I used to do it a max of 3 times a week as any more and I would feel knackered.

    Baildon to Harrogate is about 18 miles, and is reasonably flat too apart from 1 reasonably long big hill. Will the road bike, and being on roads make it easier and therefore just as do able 3 x per week?

    The tyres on my ageing road bike are cheap slicks, and at the slightest damp patch you can wheel spin them or be off the bike. What tyre would make a fast rolling, cheapish and safe commuter tyre?

    I’m also thinking that I need to buy day glow everything? Again can you get reasonably cheap day glow t-shirt tops, or do you just have to wear a day glow vest over a T-shirt? Or am I kidding myself it will make any difference to drivers?

    Finally the direct commute is along the reasonably busy country A roads the A658. Does any one think there is a safer/as quick route that avoids it?



    I’ve worked in Harrogate most of my working life (live in Bingley) and never even had a slightest desire to commute, good luck with that, HTH. Now work in Skipton and the canal commute is great, bet you’ll miss that. Have you considered driving part way, maybe parking in Menston or in one of the surrounding villages and doing a back road route into work ie shorter but tougher?

    Might be worth driving half way and riding in, the traffic is horrendous at times, so depends which part your working in.

    I have driven to the free car park in Wetherby and then jumped on the bike to Harrogate. seen a fair few do the same.


    Hmm so its basically sounding like a bad idea. I’ll drive in and see what its like at first.

    I’d be getting there for 8 and leaving at 4.


    You couild always dodge the 658 by taking the back road from Otley and going past Stainburn, chuffing big hill on the commute that way though


    This is a great site for finding quieter roads to ride on:


    Did my first commute this morning (not having a bike and health issues stopped me doing it previously)

    Just under 19 miles, up Hollins Hill, down to Otley, out of Otley to Farnley, up past Lindley and then over the tops through forestry land to Norwood Lane, and down to Beckwithshaw, then on in to Harrogate.

    Very quiet most of the way 🙂

    Bit knackered now though and 19 miles back home late…

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