Commuter/CX tyres that play well with 29er Crests?

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  • Commuter/CX tyres that play well with 29er Crests?
  • Any suggestions? Puncture proof, slick-ish tyres that’ll cope with gravel/towpath use, and will go onto crests (tubeless a bonus).

    Have Conti wire CX Speed on there at the monent. but they’re anightmare to fit and een when on, the bead doesn’t always slide into place properly, so they look wobbly.


    Any wire tyre is likely to be a problem…

    I have Maxxis Raze on Stans Iron Cross and they went on OK but weren’t super tight, so I guess that they may well go on the Crests OK. Some of the other tubeless ready CX tyres are tight on the Iron Crosses, so would be a nightmare on the crests.

    The Raze had a central ridge as well, which means using on the road might be better as you are not hitting the nobs.

    Schwalbe Kojaks might be worth a try? The 26″ version went on very easily to 26″ Crest rims I had. 700 x 35c available.

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    I can’t speak from direct experience but Kenda Small Block 8’s could do the job for you, and Stan rates them as tubeless compatable.

    +1 for the Maxxis Raze, I run a pair on my CX bike but not tubeless.

    not 28mm GP4Seasons. Way too tight.

    I also tried a Vittoria XPG tubeless but they weren’t going on either.


    I got Continental Sport Contact 700x32C on crests with no issues. Not sure how theyd go on gravel but good commuters.


    Got some Landcruisers on TN719s. Easy to get on, great grip off road and not bad speed on road. No punctures yet and cheap!!

    They are a tad heavy and felt weird at first till they bedded in (or I got used to them)but I’ve tried lots of tyres on tracks round the South Downs and for the riding I do these are by far the best I’ve used.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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