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  • Commuter recommendations: Spec Sirrus etc? (not full road)
  • So I’ve started commuting to work on my bike as its only 8 or 9km each way, pretty flat and cycle path most the way, and Perth drivers are semi bike friendly.

    I’ve been using my Nomad which even with slicker tyres on is still not ideal especially with 34t chain ring…

    So Im going to buy a bike specifically for commuting however im not sure Im ready to go for a full road bike and drop bars as yet, partially as I think the low front end might aggravate my dodgy back.

    Was looking at a Specialized Sirrus Expert however these are out of stock until January. Would have preferred a carbon frame but might have to go for an ally one.

    Anyone got any other recommendation of thing to look at? Pref flat bar bar and disc brakes.



    I’ve a Whyte Stirling… Didn’t want a full road bike for a number of reasons. Works well and suits me. Not the best spec for the money but rides nicely enough. Has been great for my 20 miles a day commute. Recommended.


    Nice one 2hottie, I’ve just bought a used Stirling and it’s arriving in the post today, can’t wait!

    Nothing wrong with using a hybrid for commuting… it’s probably more suitable than a road bike anyway due to mudguard clearance, maybe disc brakes etc. The difference in speed will be negligible, especially if you have slightly bigger tyres to iron out the potholes (don’t know what Perth is like but Glasgow is awful).


    I was going to say Revolution Shadow 13
    I just bought one for £750 but I see they are £999 now!
    Still a good bike but at £999 I’m not sure

    The one thing going for Perth is the Tarmac is smooth and 90% commute is dedicated footpath/ cycle path.

    Basically I want road geometry with a flat bar and discs.

    Really wanted a Sirris expert / pro but no stock in oz until January.

    The focus is an option but only low end models available. Jmmm


    < 10km each way, build yourself a singlespeed! Just happens I have a large Pompetamine frame for sale which would make a good base 🙂


    Giant rapid, as the name suggests these are rapid bikes, basically a racer with flat bars


    I’ve got a standard 2012 Sirrus which goes like a bloody rocket! Bit cheapo in places (the noodles on the brakes went rusty) and the rides a bit hard on bumpy roads, but overall would recommend it.


    Cannondale quick CX4? eats up cycles paths through parks with leaves/mud/snow all over em without being a slog on the tarmc.

    Not much chance of snow over here! :p

    Going to go and size up a sirrus comp disk or whatever the 2014 version is called. Might have a look see who stocks canondale around here.

    Trying to get it in to my head that I just need a cheapo commuter and it doesn’t need XO throughout like the rest of my bikes! :p

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