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    Sorry to ask this on a MTB forum but I always seem to get good and reasonable advice from here. I’m looking for a commuter bike. Something with drop handlebars and disk brakes and fatter tyres to iron out the bumps. That’s right guys, I’m after a cyclocross bike.

    Would appreciate suggestions but I like the look of 2 bikes specifically, both get decent fat tyres and are available very locally from the LBS. The Saracen Hack 2 (2014) covers all of the above and uses a tiagra groupset. The Orange RX9 has a mainly tiagra groupset but a rear 105 derailleur. Is it worth the extra £100, it also uses a canecreek headset and avid brakes.

    What are your thoughts


    there’s probably more threads about (non racing) CX’s than MTB’s on here
    think this one specifically talks about the Orange


    Personally I’d go with the orange but how much do you need the extra £100.

    Mudguard mounts?
    Bottle cage bosses?
    Strange bb/heatset standards on either?
    Better colour?

    Tiagra works very well. I can’t tell the difference in mechs when riding if they work, more about the shifter.


    That Orange is way overpriced and a lump IMHO.
    I had the same dilemma and bought the Giant TCX, however the Boardman CX bikes are great for the cash. Also there are the Pinnacles etc….

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Planet x XLS – carbon frame, 105 group set. £1k.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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