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    I’m sure people here can help with this one.

    I have been asked to put on a series of events across 4 boroughs – they will be focussed on anti extremism.

    We would rrally like communities to be able to challenge the partners (Usual suspects – Health, Police, LA, Probation, Education, Care, Community Groups etc) and ultimately use the feedback to form a plan.

    I know I’m being vague – it’s not my normal role but I am keen to get involved.

    Any thoughts on what the format of these sessions could look like? I’m pretty confident that I can get people to attend – but it has to demonstrate soemthing tangible to them…if that makes sense.

    Thanks for any help

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    A quick bump just in case. I’m meeting with the gaffer tomorrow, and whilst I have a few ideas they are nothing particularly inspiring.

    Hi mate, I’ve got quite a bit of experience with regard to this type of work, it great when it goes well and looks easy but is horrible when it goes wrong and you get loads of stick.
    Be clear on you aims, what does your organisation want to get out of it
    Why are you engaging with the groups, is there a genuine reason e.g. Insights, experiences etc. or is it just a tick box exercise
    How will you feedback the findings, what rationale will you use to justify your next actions
    Don’t engage with a blank page, options are far better they’ll keep the session focused and if you do your homework you should be confident that they can be achieved
    Make clear the parameters you’re working with; time, budgets etc
    Be prepared for people to go off topic, it’s usually dog shit that most residents want to speak about
    Do some simple things, spilt people up, intr ice breakers, attendees to set ground rules etc

    Sounds to me that you need the group to:
    ID the issues in a non blame way
    Set out short, medium and long term actions
    Draft an action plan get it signed off at an executive level
    Manage the implementation of the plan
    Key to it’s success is the ID and achievement of quick wins

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks Nick, that sounds useful

    I’m more used to putting on the larger events that are info only – so people come along and listen rather than challenge.

    I’ll get a steer from the Chief Exec tomorrow, and if it’s ok I’ll drop you a line with my thoughts?



    Hi tom

    No problem good luck with it


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