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  • MRanger156

    Commencal seem to have lost there way in the UK since the importer changed. Don’t hear much about the Meta AM and now the Athertons are on GT the media coverage is limited.

    Big shame imo as the 2007 Meta 5.5 I had never failed to put a smile on my face. In the end it cracked but I don’t blame poor manufacturing as it had a hard life and broke after a fairly big crash.

    I miss my Commencal 😥


    Its not a question of warranty, its a question of fit for purpose and sale of goods act is it not? You need to go to the original shop, irrespective of them being a dealer or not?

    Premier Icon billyboy

    I do solemly and sicerely declare and affirm by almighty Singletrack that I shall never buy a Commencal bike………….EVER, as a result of this post.
    Solidarity People

    Death to the CommencalZZZZZZ

    They shall not pass


    TheDocter, read my first posts and you will know why I wanted it under warranty. Not unreasonable I think. Not everything is black and white!

    Still pondering over my next frame. Dilemmas!


    its a question of fit for purpose and sale of goods act is it not?

    No it’s not. There is no way a mtb frame under the 6kg mark is fit for MTBing. If you think that will stand you’re deluded. You can’t cater for the whole spread of conditions when designing a bike. Not with most of bike buyers being mostly number driven. Even the biggest of the enduro motorcycles manufacturers don’t warranty their frameS.

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    No it’s not. There is no way a mtb frame under the 6kg mark is fit for MTBing.

    So all the standards Including CEN 14766 are wrong and a waste of time then?

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    Iain1775, not sure what your agenda is, do you Sell Commencals or something ha ha.

    Iain is a mod on the Commemcal Owners Club site. Other than that he has no vested interest in Commencal and his day to day job is completely outside of the bike industry.

    I have to say that as the second hand owner of an out of warranty 2009 Meta 5 that cracked in the usual places, I experienced prety good service from Commencal. I was ofered a crash replacement deal, which I accepted. When the frame arrived it was a foc warranty replacement 2011 model.

    OP, I don’t think anyone’s disputing what you’re saying but for whatever reasons, peoples experiences in general seem to differ from yours.

    Real cycles used to be a Commencal seller though no more. It’s possible that they have some swingarms left. After 2009 I believe they had loads from from breaking bikes to supply replacement front triangles to fulfill warranty claims. May be worth giving them a bell.


    i’m another victim of commencals (lack) of warrenty.

    i had a 2006 meta 5

    1/ frame cracked at the water bottle bosses , new front triagle after 7 weeks

    2/ 3 months later the new frame had a catastropic failure at the seat tube, another 8 week wait for a new front triangle

    3/ rear drop out on the drive side snapped clean off, ,they refused a replacement claiming it was crash damage (its difficult not to come off a bike when the rear wheel has wrapped its self around the swingarm.

    just for comparison the next bike i bought was a 2007 trek ex9, i just mentioned to the owner of the bike shop that the paint was a bit flakey on the top tube and i had a brand new frame withing 3 days .

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