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  • Can anyone tell me about these? I quite like the look of them, and frames (2007ish) aren’t too expensive second hand – what’s the geometry like? Do they tend to snap much? (Probably not a problem with my mincey style…) What’s the sizing like?


    Avoid a second hand 08/09 due to the crack issue.
    07 is fine afaik.

    Ive a 2010 one, had an 09 and cracked it around seat tube but 10 has been fine and has been thrashed for a summer in whistler.

    Angles are adjustable with headtube insert on newer, not sure about 07. They do two sizes, S/M and L/XL anything over 6′ should be the bigger, if you intend on riding it as an all dayer then maybe slightly shorter riders would need a L/XL.

    I honestly cant fault mine atm. Gonna get the rear shock PUSH’d but thats it. Oh i, buy some Maxle dropouts as it stiffens rear end up a treat. Now that Speci arent bringing in the SX trail this is prob the best slack 6″ FSer thats DH worthy about.

    I had an 05 VIP (the frame only option) that was replaced due to a faulty weld.

    Replaced with an 06- adjustable headangle and maxle rear. It was ace, and the only bike i’ve kept for nearly two years. Ran it with 170mm 66’s- standard forks were a bit short.

    Swingarm cracked after my mate took it off the road gap in Pre La Joux. Replacement was £230 so not too bad.

    Frame is still going with another owner now.

    Excellent fun, definitely not the best uphill but amazing on the way down

    That’s pretty much what I wanted to hear – reckon it’s now on my shortlist (which currently consists of Giant Reign X, Spesh SX Trail and Cove G-Spot of the same vintage…)


    I’ve a mate who rode his on our regular Sunday outings. He’d replaced the coil shock with a DHX5.0 Air and was running Fox Float 36 forks up front.

    He could pedal it up hills pretty well, and it was fast on the downs.

    I’ve had 2, had one of the original ones which had the gusset on the top tube that joined the 2 pieces together. Great bike, I originally had Jnr Ts at 170mm on there and that was brilliant, I then stuck 203mm boxxers and it was rubbish (I was young and silly). I then got one with the all in one top tube that was bent. Bought the basic one, striped it completely and replaced everything (including shock) and it was great, proper little DH bike that handled everything including the Mega.

    DSC00446 by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    DSC00332 by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    Awesome… Any more advice on sizing? I’m about 5’11 but with quite stumpy legs and I’m erring towards the S/M just for the standover, but I’m worried it might be a bit too short.

    I currently ride a 16″ Mmmbop, used to have a large Heckler that was too big.


    Got a 2007 Supreme 6.10 for sale at a very nice price if you’re interested? I should be able to dig out photos tonight. DHX air on the back and Manitou Nixon 160mm Super Intrinsic on the front.

    I’m 5’8 (ish) and always had S/M and they seemed on the slightly bigger side of a S/M so I recon you’d be alright with the same.

    5’10, s/m. Don’t get a large, and don’t get the DHX air if its for descending- coil SO much better.


    I’ve an ’07 6.3 (the 6.1 of the same year is orange and has the adjustable head angle). Pretty heavy but strong frames. It’s my only fs bike and is set up for jumping and downhill. I just got the boingy bits TF tuned and it feels like it’s got a few extra inches of travel and copes with some pretty rough trails easily enough. Jumps well, turns well, stable at speed and the rear end sticks to the ground.

    I’ve upgraded a few stock bits and replaced the rear qr with a solid cromo axle which stiffened the back end up nicely. The funny double seat post was a pain (fouled the shock spring on heavy landings) so has been choped down. Means it’s not too good at the uphill stuff but it’s not used for that. I’m 6’4 and think mine is XL but feels nice and small.

    Cheers all! Though, er, I’ve just bought a G-Spot on eBay so it’s all turned out to be a bit academic… Sorry!


    Alb> mail me details can you. Mail in profile. Cheers.


    Paging Alb


    wysiwyg – YGM!

    Alb is it still for sale?

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