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  • bongo biker

    Hi. I’m 5’10” & normally ride a medium but I ride a large meta 5.5 as I found the medium to be too short. I think you would struggle on a small.
    Hope that helps.


    that is very helpful indeed! thanks!!


    Im on the hunt for a new set up, im after some bouncy fun thats a bit slacker than my current hardtail.

    I like the look of the commencal but unsure on sizing, its going to have to be a second hand purchase due to funds so no real demo opportunity. Im just shy of 5″8 so thought i would want a small. However i’ve read a lot they they come up short plus there never seems to be any smalls around but loads of mediums!
    any one have any thoughts? should i wait for a small to come up? Or go for a medium? or is this one of those impossible to answer questions where the solution is to sit on one at some point and see!

    I have a medium meta 5 frame for sale… it’d be perfect for you 🙂


    5’9″ and ride a medium so that should be ok for you, especially with a short stem (have a 50mm stem on mine).


    I’m 5’7″ and had a small Meta 5. It was far too short and I ended up trading it for a 17.5″ Cove Handjob. I also found it annoyingly flexy at the back, but the Super 4 has the old-style triangulated swing arm, so should be stiffer.


    Another vote to go for a Medium. I’m 5’10 on a medium and i reckon that’s the max height for one of these. That said, love the bike and won’t be changing it any time soon 8)

    I sorted the flexi back end with a maxle kit.

    Premier Icon iain1775

    I would say a medium too, where abouts are you?
    Pop over to maybe someone inyour area with one you could try


    My son has a small 5.5. He’s around 5′ 5″ and at the limit of the seat post and reach. So at 5’8″, you definitely want a[ medium. Cracking bike!

    5-10 ish here and have a Super 4 in large. The medium was a tad short for me. So if you’re boderline I’d size up.

    Fab bikes by the way – just be aware of issues with some 09 frames.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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