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  • Commencal Meta SL STW Brain Trust review?
  • So as per my earlier post re: Making my Nomad a more DH orientated rig to use in while Im in oz. I’m figuring I’ll keep my V10 in the UK and get a dedicated trail bike to go out with the missus on etc.

    Seen some good deals on Commencal Meta SL’s about, seen favourable ish reviews online just wondering what the excellent and widely varied and argumentative STW opinion of them was?


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    I rode one for half a day. I loved it. It was fast and a bit edgy, certainly more downwards orientated than most other bikes with that travel. For a shot travel trail bike or whatever they are called nowadays I would have one in a heartbeat. Fun little thing. The meta 29 was ace too, more stable and fast than the SL which I would call twitchy and fast. Does that even make sense? Gives a shout if I can give you more info.


    I’ve had one for about 5 months now and love it. Use it around Cannock and the Welsh trail centres and local bridleways and recently did a week in Spain on it.

    The frames are no light weight race whippets and mines not exactly a light build with SLX cranks with Blackspire rings 36/24 and Shimano xt 10 speed, Easton Haven wheels and X-Fusion Slant running at 130mm. But it’s still not to bad a weight IMO and happy to ride it all day including doing a 10k climb on it in Spain. As long as your happy to sit and spin as it’s not really at its best while standing and stomping on the pedals while climbing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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