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  • hainman

    sen a few flying by me at glentress at the weekend so cant be to bad


    I love the look of them, and when it can to replacing my (cracked) meta 5 frame I did consider one…but…..too many different standards would have made it more than just a simple frame swap, PLUS – i can’t get my head around the shock mount – possibly just for summer me thinks!



    I have the Meta 55 Carbon, and it’s awesome. Rode the SDW on it, and can shred some knar on it too. Fantastic bike, but the AM is supposed to be even better. 😀


    What’s the concensus on one of these then?

    Been looking at getting one and after the initial launch stuff, reviews seem to be a bit thin on the ground.

    They have seemingly resolved any of the issues of old when it comes to cracking, and the very few reviews & user opinions seem fairly glowing.

    They do on paper seem a little porky at ~7.7lbs for the frame, but the numbers sound good for an AM bike for me (long, low & not horribly slack). Anyone know how accurate the frame weight is?

    Anyone got any opinions?

    Try the Commencal owners club,

    really nice bunch and will definitely be able to help you out

    Even though my username has Commencal in it, my meta6 is long gone, couldn’t get on with it, settled on a Trek Scratch now

    A mate tested the AM at Afan and thought the frame was good but it needed a set of 36s on it rather than the 32s that come as standard

    Premier Icon tomaso

    They have been reviewed in several mags – definately STW and either MBR/MBUK/WMB
    They look nice and CRC have chopped a chunk off them £$£$£


    I’ve had one since March and it’s a beaut of a bike.

    Did all of the UK Gravity Enduro races on it, plus I’ve took it to Whistler and did Top of the World trail, Gargamel, Khyber pass et al, plus a few UK trail centres and it’s come out shining in all rides.

    I’d dispute the need for 36’s on it, ok I swapped my Std 32 Floats for 32 Talas to get the reduced travel for climbing, but the 32’s are man enough for the job.

    Historic Commencal cracking issues are long gone, I have been told by both the UK and Nth America Distributors that they have not had 1 single cracked frame since launch of the new design, (V3, AM, SX and SL).

    The rear end is so plush, I only use pro-pedal for fire road climbs, anything technical turn it off and it pedals through anything.

    Mine tips the scales at just under 31 lb, but it rides lighter than that and felt like I was on an XC bike compared to my old Meta 6.

    A mate changed his 55 for an AM in the summer and he’s raving about the AM too and said it’s way better thna the 55.

    Must admit I’m not too keen on the 2013 colours, so I’d Def recommend the 2012 blue one at the reduced price, it’s a bargain at that price and you wouldn’t regret it.


    Thanks for the comments everyone so far.

    100mphplus, out of interest can you pop a spec list up so I can see what sort of build it is to make it 30/31lbs please 🙂

    The cracking issue I am happy with it no longer being a problem, the frame weight is a bit hefty for a 150mm travel bike though, especially coming from something with a bit more travel, carbon & a fair bit lighter (Spicy).

    However, budgets prevail this year so I need something a bit cheaper. You sound like a similar user to myself, it’s going to be used for the GE’s, out to the Mega, and probably my local regional DH races, however I will use it for XC as well, really it’s going to be used & abused for everything, so the lighter the better really.

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Mine is full 2×10 XT (shadow+ mech so no chain device), Hope V2 brakes, Hope pro2sp & Stans crest wheels, high roller tyres, Reverb, Easton carbon bars and Easton Haven stem (as per the factory frame set package), 150mm float 32 rlc’s and rp23 shock -29.2lb
    My old Meta 5 built similar but with I beam post and x9/xO was 30.5lbs
    Wheels will be beefed up soon as I can feel them flex, the frame is a lot more solid than the old Meta
    Great bike, rides lighter than its weight, climbs well
    Only issue is the internal cable rattling, drives you round the twist, I’m convinced something is loose but it’s just the cables
    If you get frame only then remember you need –
    Direct mount front mech
    142x12mm maxle rear
    Shimano Duraace Bb92 style press fit BB (none durace need modding to remove the collars to fit in the BB shell)
    Patience to run cables through frame!

    Picked up my factory frameset (frame forks headset bars stem reverb saddle and bottom bracket) from crc for £1550 (less than half price)
    5’10” medium fine but any bigger go for a large

    I’m riding the 29er. Or rather have just finished my 10 week test period and have to give it back. A full review will be on my site and on bikerumor tomorrow. Summary, it is one of the most fun things I’ve had between my legs in ages! Really strong and Commencal have done a lot of reliability work, I’ve asked them about it for my review. If I had money I would buy one tonight.


    Mine is a Std AM1 with the following bits changed / added;-

    Changed 32 float forks for 32 Talas so I can lower front on climbs
    Changed riser bars for flat ones, (can’t remember make as spares from my box and guessing ~ 250g ish)
    Added MRP x2 guide
    Changed wheels for Flows on Pro II’s with tubeless hans dampfs
    Changed Formula brakes for hayes strokers
    Stuffed pipe lagging and bubble wrap down tubes to stop cable rattle 😆

    I’m 5’7″ and had a go on the AM 29er version and it just felt wrong compared to my 26″ version.


    100mhplus what size frame are you riding?


    Thanks 100mphplus 🙂

    I understand its not an xc whippet up the hills but what do they climb like? I have a tendancy to sit and spin up hills rather than stand and hammer them.

    Premier Icon iain1775

    That’s just how I climb with mine, goes up fine
    Mine (spec above) is now slightly over 30lbs with hope stans flow wheels tubeless damfs and Sunline V1 bars
    For the build I’m more than happy with the weight
    Ran all through winter in very muddy conditions with the Commencal shock protector, the shock remained only part of bike not covered in mud – it works very well


    Just built one up, posted it up here;

    Love it so far, done some XC, DH, and jumpy stuff on it, and it’s great. Rattling cables is a little annoying, but hopefully get it sorted.


    I’ve built one up, large frame, revelation world cups, so a pretty light fork… Stroker aces, spank subrosa/hope pro 2 evo wheelset, sram x9 drivetrain with xt cranks and a reverb but its a bit heavier than people are saying 33lbs. However im finding it a better climber than my ex9 which is obv a 120mm trail whipit!


    Nice looking bikes and the 29er version gets a pretty good write-up in the latest copy of Dirt magazine.


    Check out the discounts from Commencal direct. I’ve just bought the 2012 29er and like the cheeky git I am, emailed them with an offer €400 below the discounted price, which they accepted. 😀


    Holy thread ressurection but what front mech do I need to run a 10sdp shimano double and bash?

    I know its direct mount top pull but is dual pull OK? I know it isn’t on some frames due to fouling the chainstay.

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