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  • Command Post Backlite or KS Dropzone remote dilemma
  • deano8

    My problem is I’m a short arse, and between my frame design and short legs I can only have a total length of 330mm total length and a 75mm drop although I’d prefer 100mm.
    The believe the above two are my only choice.
    £250 = Command Post Backlite
    £170 = KS Dropzone most recent model from Germany
    Firstly is it worth spending the extra money?
    Have I missed out another compatible post?
    Help appreciated 🙂


    I have a blacklite and have done for 18 months. It doesn’t get a complete beating but it is incredibly easy to service using a guide I found on pinkbike. I’d highly recommend it, you can’t fault Specialized’s warranty!


    Thank you for your feedback:) I’d feel safer warranty wise with spesh.
    Anyone used the KS Dropper above?


    I have the non remote version of the dropzone but only had it 2 months so far. But it goes up and down as I want it to and does it smoothly. I will buy the remote kit in the near future.


    Don’t think you can get the 75 mm travel post in the uk just the 100 and 125

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    I’m a shortarse and i have the 75mm blacklite.
    I love it, perfect drop for me and so far – 18 months – no trouble whatsoever.

    Mind you, i only got mine because the nice chap at the importers had one under his desk for warranty repairs.
    I understand its not imported as an after market item into the UK.


    I think giant make a shorter drop post too? Forget the name…

    (i had a blacklite in 125mm flavour, it was good, just wrong size for the new frame)

    Premier Icon Tracey

    We are running six Command posts in our family. Not had a problem with any of them. Bought a couple of Ebay in Australia. One from Ebay in USA. Can be picked up very cheap.


    Thanks again to everyone for your comments..
    Will look into the giant dropper or look abroad for a small person command post.

    Premier Icon nuke

    fwiw CB Joplins are 75mm…just the reliability problems

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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