Comfy SPD Shoes and trousers??

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  • Comfy SPD Shoes and trousers??
  • Looking into purchasing a pair of SPD MTB shoes. Wondered what you guys would recommend as to be the most comfortable VFM shoe available.

    Also after a pair of MTB trousers. Same question really. Ehats the best VFM trouser atm?



    Do you mean comfortable shoes for walking lots, i.e. around town, or up rocky trails with the bike on your shoulder ?

    This is very subjective….I own what are probably the most comfy MTB shoes for hike-a-bike, but they were £150. That is VFM, but not cheap…

    Trousers….depends how far you’re riding. Assuming you’re going to wear padded shorts/liner underneath, then walking trousers will be fine, or jogging leggins, Ron Hills etc.. loads of choice…

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    Found my Mavic Alpines to be fine for general walking about, the cleats not standing so proud of the tread, I wouldn’t want to wear them though of the bike for any long period of time though.

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    Try to be a bit more specific.

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