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  • Combining pensions – Royal London
  • tails

    At my last company I was auto enrolled into their pension scheme, my current firm have recently started a pension, both with Royal London.

    Is there an easy way to join the old with the new as it can’t be worth more than £500, Royal London don’t really want to talk as they are not allowed to advise me.



    Yes it’s easy. Also Royal London should not charge you a transfer fee or withdrawl penalty as they have both. Just ask RL the fees for moving and then ask them to do it


    okay, last time I called they said they could not advise me and seemed to not understand what i wanted

    Premier Icon pyranha

    You aren’t looking for Royal London to advise you, but to accept your instruction to transfer your money from one policy to the other. If you call them again don’t mention advice, just ask them to tell you how to do this.

    b r

    With auto-enrolment ones can’t you do it online?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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