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  • Combi boiler, low water pressure from cold taps
  • trail_rat

    unless im missing the obvious here all your cold taps will be mains fed

    are all the taps on the same floor of the house ?


    If you have no header tank, then all your cold water is mains fed, not just your kitchen tap.

    And nothing to do with your boiler either.

    Have you rung your local water authority to see if there are any water pressure issues ?


    We had the same on our upstairs cold water taps after losing pressure. Holding my hand over the tap while I ran it fed enough water in to restore normal pressure. YMMV


    Looking for ideas. No tank in the loft, kitchen cold tap is mains fed and the pressure is fine but all other cold taps are at a dribble.

    I thought airlock (when I thought I had a tank, 1 trip to the loft fixed that) but I don’t want to try the hose trick because everything on the internet suggests to try that but is based on having a tank. I’ve bled all the radiators and bled the boiler. pressure in the boiler is fine.

    Plumbers next if I can’t figure it out.


    Problem taps are all upstairs.

    Water board were out, nothing wrong with the pressure apparently. How long should I hold the hand over the tap. I was trying it earlier but only counting to 10 or 20

    Whats the hot water like?

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    yer cold water goes no where near the combi boiler so tick that box. as the affected taps are all upstairs something physical or otherwise is impeding the flow.. open all the cold taps and turn off the stop tap.. let them drain.. turn off the downstairs taps and open the stop tap.. should clear any air issues..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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