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  • Colorado – Where to go for riding and family?
  • austen
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    I’m heading to the US in September for a couple of weeks, road tripping from Denver to Vegas with my wife and 18 month old.

    The plan is to do some riding, some walking and some hanging out, stopping for at least a couple of nights in three or four places along the route. I’ve been to Utah and Arizona before so have an idea where will work for us but am unsure where would be best to go in the Colorado mountains?

    From previous experience I’ll be looking to go out riding early and will mainly be limited to 3-4 hour rides, then back to meet up and spend the afternoons driving around and heading out for some easier walks. I’ll be the only one MTBing, but it would be great to hire a bike to take the little one out an about if there were suitable low-traffic routes.

    Which towns should I consider the best compromise, also any recommendations for family friendly places to stay?


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    how long are you in colorado? Boulder has local trail areas (Marshall Mesa and Nederland) and other cracking areas a reasonable drive away, and is a big enough city to have plenty of other stuff to do.

    Crested Butte is fantastic for riding and a great atmos, but limited size and “none-active” entertainment and may be off the beaten track for your trip (its quaint and not over-developed as its such a long drive to the nearest airport – 5 hours to Denver IIRC).

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    I’d echo Crashtestmonkey but would be more keen to say get to Crested Butte I thought it was lovely and would have great walking and biking. I did the biking it was great I assume the walking would be good. Aspen is lovely town with walking and biking close at hand. Its much bigger and I seem to remember enjoying the town swimming pool

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    Go through the rmnp from Denver, stop at winter park for riding and a bit of walking. Fruita for riding, walking, hanging out. Head for Durango (gunnison and crested butte also not far away) stop at ouray for the hot springs en route. Then through monument valley towards vagas.

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    I’ll second Boulder. I lived out there for a while, and the trail riding is fab. As are the town and people in general.

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    what was that, pictures you say? 😉

    Monarch Crest continental divide trail

    contemplating route guide, 401 trail, crested butte

    photo op on drive through a mountain pass

    playing in Winter Park

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    We stayed in Golden (with some really great friends we met while touring mt blanc) while in Colorado and went and rode the front range, white ranch and around the redrocks stadium built into the mountain. We also went along a very lush section of the Colorado trail and also visited fruita en route to Utah. We camped in dessert by fruita so couldn’t vouch for how familly friendly it is.

    During downtime we spent a day in Denver (baseball, food n beer) too but I really liked the atmosphere in Boulder. We went there on a few evenings and felt very family friendly. Also managed a trip to A-basin skiing if your that way inclined (or the familly is)… In may too!.

    Utah and Arches was something else again, we camped by the Colorado river and then up on The slickrock itself… Awesome!

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    Breckenridge? its like a big cultural aviemore with stuff to do for everyone.

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    Thanks for all the great feedback and inspiring pictures!

    Somehow I’d mentally skipped over Crested Butte, but no idea how. Quaint and friendly sounds just our cup of tea. Unfortunately I think Boulder is out this trip as off in slightly the wrong direction, though I’m definitely heading there next time.

    Roughly the plan is to cruise the mountains and then on to Fruita and a long overdue return to Moab. Then back into Vegas via Zion as we managed to drive right through the park in the dark last time due an enormous accommodation error!

    Right, time to go booking accommodation, any recommendations?

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    if CB is on your route its a no-brainer, I assumed it might be off the beaten track for you. Terrific frontier-but-friendly vibe, everybody there (as in most of the rockies to be fair) for the outdoor lifestyle, but not tragically hip.

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    Just got back from there last month. If you’re after a quick fix after landing at Denver the Golden is great (Chimney Gulch, then APex trail / Enchanted Forest / Grubsteak).

    CB is a great place, really cool vibe, but the upper slopes were still snowed under when we went – lower stuff was great.

    Telluride has some amazing stuff too.

    Bear in mind that as you decent off the western slope toward Fruita and Grand Junction it gets very flipping hot!

    If you’ve not ridden at Moab, then you really should. New Captain Ahab trail is superb, + whole enchilda with shuttle from Poison Spider bikes.

    Wish I was back there……..

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