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  • Premier Icon Shackleton

    Evening all,

    Mrs Shackleton has a conference in Denver at the end of July and we were wondering about tacking on a week or two of biking on to the end. Having looked at a few options, fully guided seems horrifically expensive but there seem to be plenty of well marked bike trails.

    Can anyone recommend accommodation or companies that do semi-guided holidays, uplifts or gear transport only there? Are there hostels where you can just rock up or do you have to be super organised? Is it possible to stay in one place and do big rides out every day?

    And finally, are there any locations in particular (preferably Colorado but willing to travel) that people would recommend for flowy singletrack at that time of year?

    Lots of questions I know but google isn’t helping much at the moment,

    Cheers in advance,



    I went 23 years ago on a mostly self guided group trip (which included Moab), so can’t tell you much, but I loved CO – we did Durango and Crested Butte, I’d have thought the latter better for lots of day-rides, I’d say it’s more about the epic landscape and rides rather than a particular type of trail.

    You should love it, very jealous.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Again it was along time ago but

    Crested Butte is brilliant. I’d have thought a good option would be rent a car and maybe have 3 or 4 nights at different locations. I road trail 401 at Crested butte. No problem finding it from a mao

    We did a long bike tour starting near Boulder (Nederland), Winter Park, Silverthorne over Mosquitoe Pass Leadville, Aspen over Pearl Pass to Crested Butte and then back to Aspen over Taylor Pass. It was mainly 4wd drive tracks and we road with all our stuff in panniers. We camped. It was ace. Ask if for more details if that’s what appeals to you

    Premier Icon DavidB

    Denver to Fruita, ride Joes Ridge/Zippity Doo Dah/Chutes and Ladders then beer then next day Kokopelli area trails (Mary’s Loop, Horestheif Bench,Lions Loop. Tryo Built Loop.

    Drive to Moab, ride Sovereign area or Amasa Back, book shuttle, next day ride the Whole Enchilada

    Drive to Durango, Ride Carbon Junction, Crites to Telgraph, Sidewinder then beer. Next day Ride up and back on Colorado Trail including Gudy’s Rest.

    Drive to Salida, book shuttle, beer, next day ride Monarch’s Crest then beer.

    That was a great few days for me.


    Dude ranch? The wife and I went to Tarryall River Ranch for part of our honeymoon and the riding round Pike’s Peak National Park was pretty good.

    The owner has changed recently, but it may be worth giving them a shout.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Fruita & Moab will be hot, hot, hot in late July. I’ve been early July and it’s been 100F+ doable! but suffering too.

    Crested Butte is ace, great little town too. I also liked Leadville.

    Winter Park was great (but that was back in ’98).

    Monarch Crest is definitely on my to do list.

    Fruita was a disappointment as it was so compact. Joes Ridge was over in minutes (and that was what I went over for!). The Kessel Run was ace though…

    Premier Icon kerbdog

    Go watch some of the videos on this guys site to get you in the mood. 🙂
    Peter Fagerlin


    As mentioned above ignore Fruita / Moab suggestions at that time of year way too hot. I’d be looking at basing in Boulder then do Front Range stuff. I can’t remember the trail names but a Google should get most. You can get the bus from Boulder to Nederland ride the trails there then Road ride back into town via an Alpine style Road descent. Other places as mentioned Winter Park, Cresste Butte, Vail. Boulder also has a short course mtb track in town and loads of roadie related chaingangs etc.

    if you do go to Boulder take a walk up the Flatirons and to the Arch it is a good hike / trail run.

    Oh and drink lots of water at that altitude and heat it is insane how much you need.

    Premier Icon Blackhound

    Breckenridge has loads you can do by yourself as does Steamboat Springs. Some good advice above as well. Avoid Moab Fruita unless off trails by 9.30am.
    Colorado Trail is good and has loads of routes off it to make circuit s.

    Premier Icon Shackleton

    Much obliged all. Certainly some good starting points.




    Hire a car and get to crested butte and/or durango. Trails are well marked and there is heaps of info from local bike shops, tourist office or online as to where to ride

    Premier Icon DavidB

    I rode Fruita and Moab in August, loved the heat and The Whole Enchilada starts so high the temp is fine. I don’t agree with the comment about there being little to do in Fruita, there are shed loads of trails.


    Shackleton – I live in Boulder. Send me an email (in profile) if you want some in depth info.

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