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    If you are in the north of England, Booths do a great range of fresh beans, about 8 different ones, £3-£3.50 per 250g. They also have a grinder in store should you need it. Why pay more?

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    They also have grinder in store should you need it.

    I’m pretty sure Stoner is married…


    There’s a guy that sells excellent coffee from a mobile unit on College Green in Bristol, who has now started selling his own bean blend. £12 a kg, way better than the stuff the wife bought from an online “coiffured, artisanal douchebag”. Win.


    Drac – Moderator

    Could ou explain please?

    If you can find animal to eat the beans and shit them back out they’ll happily pay at least 3x the price.

    Don’t even go there especially when you have no proof of how they got the beans mass produced. i.e. civet cat processed beans. Basically the producers captured hundreds of the wild civet cats then put them in individual cage slightly larger than the cat itself and fed them coffee cherry only for their diet in order to produce the highly priced kopi Luwak .

    They do this to keep up with the “demand” because some of the parasitic oxygen abusers in the west, calling themselves the experts in drinking coffee, decided that they are/should be expensive and worth the effort. So the unscrupulous business people there so an opportunity to boost their income by mass producing this beans, then telling others they got the beans in the wild.

    Now, if I can impale the producer(s) of this mass caged produced beans like Vlad III Dracula I would. Really. 👿 The last time I was in the region I could see the whole shop stock full of this beans (not very cheap and I refuse to taste them) to cater for tourists trade. I mean how many civet cats do you need to constantly produce that amount of beans and how on earth can you collect them in the jungle?


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    Been using Rave coffee for the last year.. excellent coffee and service

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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