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  • Coffee mug/bottle for the winter commutes.
  • i had a free mug that came on a Trek Soho for my morning commute but i need another as this one is no longer…..booo

    anyone recommend me a mug/bottle that’ll fit in my bottle cage and is insulated.


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    Typical STW answer approaching….

    Get a different bottle cage so you can carry any flask/mug you want.


    i was in leisure lakes breaston on saturday, they hada couple of insulated flasks that fit in normal cages. They were discounted too. Camt remember the bramd tho’.


    I got a Contigo travel mug for using when fiddling with the bikes in the garage as normal mugs only kept my drink warm for about 30s.
    Mine is from JL, I think.
    Molgrips asked a similar question a while back and I suggested this mug to him, saying that I’d take some pics if he wanted. I think he dismissed the mug though as unsuitable so although I took the pics I never uploaded them. But, the mug fits very snugly in my Spesh rib cage bottle mount and has a fully sealed lid that you open with a sprung button on the side.

    If you get one, get the plain stainless finish as it can go in the dishwasher; the coloured ones can’t.

    I can try to dig out the photos and upload them if you want this evening?


    Primus commuter mug.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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