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  • Premier Icon Imabigkidnow

    The missus wants new posh mugs for Xmas (yes I know …)

    Opening up for a rippa; I’m down to two options and would like the collective coffee hive to provide their opinion

    Bodum Copenhagen Glass

    or Guzzini Art and Cafe in a mix of Blues and Reds (colour match the crockery)

    We’ve been running very cheap copies of the Guzzini for the last few years, but handles seperated from 3 of the 6 within 4 days of each other all with hot drinks in them, so chickening out of the italian roulette?!? now and using all our old rat/builders mugs at the moment, however I’m leaning towards Bodum ones atm because of my Scandinavian blood

    don simon

    The missus wants new posh mugs for Xmas

    Take your pick from those on here who’ve paid more than 20.00GBP for a coffee maker. 😛

    Premier Icon Imabigkidnow

    Well we’re going posh mugs coz our coffee maker is a Car-boot £1.50 enamel jug with a paper filter and cone setup.

    EDIT: I didn’t want new suggestions; that’ll just confuse me. You need to make my decision easier

    Premier Icon chipps

    Seriously heavy (500g each!) – and once warmed up, they keep your coffee hot for ages. Great for a Saturday cafetiere when you just want to keep topping up your mug. A little overkill for a ristretto, but great for everything else.

    I believe they’re available from the Singletrack shop 🙂

    Premier Icon Imabigkidnow

    Not Helping

    EDIT: guess I asked for it really; I’ll use the coin toss to decide then

    Premier Icon Cougar

    The second mug in the OP looks impractical. That handle is designed to look pretty rather than work.

    Chipps, I’m reporting your post as spam for commercial advertising. (-:


    I really really dislike glass mugs. Completely psychological of course, but drinks don’t taste very nice in them.

    (I think it’s because my grandmother had some 1970s smoked-glass ones and she made an absolutely vile cup of tea)

    Premier Icon beej

    Glass mugs = ugly
    Singletrack mug = ace. It’s my everyday, first choice coffee mug (although I’ve not got a blue one and would happily “test” one on a long term basis)


    Taste tests show orange tastes better

    My boss has a glass mug but thats down to his own paranoia about what may end up in there.

    +1 for the Singletrack mug option. Fly the flag! Just don’t put it in the dishwasher, my 2 have faded to blue only. 🙁

    We bought some of these – Cath Kidston.

    They are china, so nice to drink out of.
    Don’t cost too much – £4
    Readily available – Waitrose/John Lewis/Online
    Tough – only had 1 of 6 break so far which was a builder knocking it 3 feet onto stone – then easily replaced.
    Lots of designs – so you can do the full chintz look or go a bit plainer, or mix and match.
    Just the right size – bigger than the “normal” mug size, but not so offensive to my parents as the pint mugs I used to serve their tea in when they visited.

    Premier Icon Imabigkidnow

    Cougar you’d be surpised we’ve played with them in a shop (and I mentioned we’ve had very cheap copies/fakes) that hole is *just* the right size for a finger and is quite a positive hold, though my rather frail gran does moan about it. Anyhows, this is all rendered moot now thanks to LeeW and ericemel

    iDaveI know it is all very 1st world darling, but needs must.

    Well then, despite my previous moaning, I hadn’t considered the Crueset kit. We already have quite a bit of their stuff (french in-law) so gone and ordered 6 x mugs.
    Pink (to match the toaster and kettle) and Blue (to match existing Crueset stuff)

    Ta All.

    Premier Icon Cougar


    We’ve all learned something today, I feel.


    Denby Jet Black Large/Small Mug

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