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  • cobble wobble & velojam
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    wasn't it great! how many bike events get their own beer?

    has to be fancy dress next year – some people were almost taking it seriously


    Bloody brilliant night.I had a go up the cobble wobble myself on my GT zaskar and i was pretty happy with 30.6 seconds untill i heard the winner did it in 23.67 seconds (on a racer).Had a pint of the "cobble wobble beer"Nice stuff.Excellent display from the Animal stunt team.Proper job.


    Hey guys glad you liked it, was a real success!
    We'll be publishing full results tonight on our club website (we organised the event) but in the mean time there's a video and some photos…



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    good effort on the organisation – really great event, the Frome vibe was in full force! chatted to some of the tour of britain folks and they were loving the whole thing

    i heard wispers of a downhill next year


    Cobble wobble was a major success.The buzz was amazing going up the hill and the support was great.I live in the town and all people have been talking about is how good the cobble wobble was.Hopefully this will happen every year with even more events.Well done to Andy and all at the blackcanoncollective for the excellent running of the cobble wobble.

    really great event, the Frome vibe was in full force!

    Agreed. What was extra-specially fuzzy was there was a lot of 'yoof' around last night and not a hint of trouble (was talking to the mayor and local rozzers this morning)

    It was indeed very good evening. I managed the Cobble Wobble in 27.59 (on a Charge Duster with forks boinging all over the place) and was in the 'hot seat' for a while till a club mate (and 2nd-cat roadie) did it in 27.42 on his road bike… Grrr. Hat's off to the winner tho. 23s is hugely admirable.

    Also did the roller racing in the Cheesy Groin. Managed the 500 in 27.95. Again, soundly beaten by aforementioned club-mate… Grrr.

    Also had a pint or two and then sloped off to the Chinese with a bunch of collegues. And a good tiime was had by all.

    Then missed last-orders in the Griffin :O(

    Roll on next year!

    aww that looked great


    Frome man now living in london, so missed it. Looked fantastic and i'm reliably informed it was. Please run the wobble again next year, i promise i will be there to support and take part. again well done to the organisation team.

    Check out the You Tube Vid

    Really sorry to have missed it 🙁

    Next year!


    Don't worry mate next year will definately happen!

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