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  • Coast to Coast advice
  • TN
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    Hello again!

    A bloke at work is planning on arranging a C2C ride around September-ish and has asked if me and the one-armed one want to ride with them.

    In principle we are up for it (we are getting married in Sept so might call this the honeymoon….) but I am wondering if any of you have ridden it and how challenging it is?

    The route we are likely to follow is the ‘official’ C2C one and it looks like there are some nice off-road sections. I don’t think the mileage will be an issue but I don’t want J to struggle and have to push too much of it as he’ll get really pissed off with that.

    Anyone got any experience/tips?



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    Get “J” to ride his bike more before hand?

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    He will be doing so, that goes without saying, but he has only one hand and struggles on really rough terrain, loose rocky sections.
    That was kind of what I was asking – are there any really rough bits on it? He rode up to Stanedge Pole from Rivelin, and has ridden some of Houndkirk, and regularly rides around Derwent/Howden reservoirs, but this is a bit of an unknown. Was just asking for advice really!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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