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  • turq

    Hoping not to sound like a salesman but there are other organisations running courses too. Our CTC courses offer a good progression through from Trail Leader right through to Instructor. We have several courses a year, in a variety of locations.

    Have a look at the link


    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    +1 for the CTC courses.


    Premier Icon wonkey_donkey

    has anyone ever done any of the coaching courses run by British Cycling?

    was after some feedback on any of them: are they worth doing, any prospects after completion etc, any feedback really.

    am pondering doing them since i’m looking for something to do as a change in direction.

    Is there a living to be made out of coaching?

    Premier Icon wonkey_donkey

    cheers i’ll take a look.

    Anyone who’s done one like to comment?

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I did a SERRL affiliated BC road race course I’ve December to Feb at cyclopark.

    Fwiw i thought it was very informative and useful, specifically the on track time which was most of it but also contained things like race day kit guides, nutrition etc.

    £50 for 4 mornings with BC coaches and the track was well worth it.


    I’m a BC level 2 coach, plus I’ve done a discipline-specific unit. This is to coach at a youth cycling club both my kids are members of, rather than with a view to using it professionally. Excellent course IMO, and a great platform to build on as a volunteer coach.

    In the absence of any other relevant qualification, the Level 3 BC course (which is more performance-focused) is probably where you’d be able to start thinking about making a career in bike coaching, but even with that I think realistically you’d need to augment it with a related area of expertise like physiotherapy or diet/nutrition or even sports psychology.

    That said, it appears possible to build up a healthy sports coaching business by putting on a pair of combat pants and taking a bunch of fat women to a park to shove tractor tyres around, so who knows?


    I’ve done the trail leader and technical trail leader
    Courses with the CTC mainly for guiding I think the next step
    Would be the instructors course which a friend has completed
    He had helped me with his new found knowledge

    Highly recommend the CTC with the format and the way the courses were run
    When I did the last course a BC course was also being held
    Which looked good as well

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Making a living out of one outdoor sport is blooming tough. Most folk I know, even if Level5 demi god in canoeing or climbing or biking etc, have more sports going on and 10 years in the business. Even then a good year for most is £25k, usually below £20k.

    BC, like all UKCC courses is good. Limited experience says that cycling is very inward looking, and will not recognise or respect other UKCC courses. My Level3 Canoe plus trail cycle leader means nothing to BC.

    Think carefully, and speak to a few who do it – what happens in three years when cycling goes back out of fashion?

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