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  • Grum p

    Anyone have much experience using CO2 inflators?

    Planning to buy one but I have very little idea what I should be looking for! What size of cartridge to inflate a 26×2.3/2.5 tyre to at least 25psi? Any wee features that folk like/don’t like? Any particular models that stand out?

    Ta muchly for any words of wisdom…


    16 gram cartridge should get you to 27psi on one tyre according to a chart I have, no idea where I got the chart from.


    We love our Genuine Innovations Ultraflate Plus pumps.


    this gives a reasonable comparison.

    Personally I have found the M:part one very reliable. I like the fact you can screw adaptor on ( remember to turn valve off before screwing on cartridge!)- the ones that you just push on have been known to fail in my experience. I know others have had issues with them, but mine is four years old, used regularly and is (almost) fool proof.

    16g cartridges work well on both 26″ and 29″ wheels, but I always have a lightweight pump as well to back up


    Buy cartridges off eBay – loads cheaper.

    I like the pumps that double up as a co2 inflator, like the Lezyne ones, as out on a ride miles from home you need to be able to guarantee it will inflate your spare tube… For racing CO2 only is enough.



    This one!

    Uses threaded and non threaded cartridges. It doesn’t freeze your hands when you use it, and you can control how much gas goes in the tyre.
    Get cartridges cheap off ebay. You’ll probably need 2 per tyre for 2.3/2.5s.
    If you rarely puncture then sticking an inflator and a cartridge or two in a pocket is easier than finding somewhere to put a pump on short rides. If you puncture every other ride then it’s probably best to stick with a pump.

    Premier Icon Phil_H

    The few times I’ve used one the valve froze open on a schrader tube. Bit of a pain.


    Genuine innovations are good although are expensive.


    Ultraflate Nano from GI. I could never press the sprung valve ones hard enough, but the little yellow one is brilliant. You need screw on CO2 cartridges and you press the head onto the valve where it seals, then unscrew the cartridge to inflate. It just works perfectly every time. Small cartridges get a 23c up to 70-80psi, apply Boyles Law and you’ll see about 30 psi in an mtb tyre.

    They really are excellent.


    This one:

    £5 including two cartridges. Works perfectly, why pay more? Also a good source for the cartridges.

    Grum p

    Thanks everyone, the freezing onto valves/hand I should have thought of but didn’t.

    I’ll be using it for racing, so less fussed about the ergonomics than just getting the tyre up again and finishing the stage!

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