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  • MrSparkle
    Never been to Fuerte. Never been on all inclusive. It seems to get mostly good reviews and the sports stuff (ie cycling)looks good but has anyone off here actually been and can tell me if it’s much cop or not?


    I was thinking about going there but a friend that went advised me the resort is primarily German. Ended up staying on the north of the island.


    Thread resurrection time…

    Mr Sparkle, how did you get on?

    I’m heading there in a few weeks, not specifically for the riding but just happened to find a decent deal.

    Wouldn’t mind a bit of on and/or off road if it’s worth it?

    I went in April this year.

    Went on a couple of the offroad rides, the terrain is relatively hilly and you are offroad pretty quickly. It is a great way to see a bit more of the island.

    The riding itself is different to my riding in the UK. maybe it’s a Euro thing, but the trails are bumpy fireroads, rather than trails per-se. They are rocky, and there are lines down (and up) them.

    It is definitely worth giving it a go, see what you make of it, but don’t expect a trail centre type riding experience.

    Didn’t do any of the road riding, but the bloke that did it looked like a thin Vin Diesel (ie hard as fook), so that may be a bit punishing, as the wind is likely to be too.

    The hotel itself is great, and the wife and I have just come back from a Magic Life in Turkey. They are great value, and the activities are fantastic as is the food.

    Give spinning a go too, great view over the see, and Andrea from Hungary the spinning tutor is fantastic.


    Sounds promising then, I don’t want to get all excited about it to end up disappointed if it’s a bit meh.

    I know Fuerto can be pretty windy but to be honest I think I’d pick the road bikes over the off-road stuff. Would be nice to try both though.

    What are hire bikes like?

    Don’t let me put you off the mtb, they are well worth doing, just not like the riding I do here (which is mainly road to be fair!)

    The mountain bikes were entry level Scott Scales, some had v-brakes, others discs. Forks were either Darts or Suntours. Nowt flashy, but did the job allright.

    Not sure on the road bikes, I don’t remember them being a brand I recognised…

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