Cloudy weather exposure in action cam?

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  • Cloudy weather exposure in action cam?
  • Premier Icon sirromj

    Did a time lapse of my cycle commute this morning, parts of it look very dark. I never really know what to do to improve the situation in action cameras. Trees & bushes for example with an overcast sky in the background still came out very dark. Does anyone have any tips or recommended online reading for it?

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    The trouble is if you leave a video camera in auto expose then the video looks even worse as inevitably it gets it wrong and fluctuates it up and down unnecessarily when you don’t want it to. So most cameras will fix it whilst recording.

    Best solution is to under expose in the camera and then lift it in post as you can’t recover overexposed footage.

    Does the camera allow masking? Some will let you set areas to ignore when setting exposure, tends to result in a very white sky but that’s better than losing foreground detail.

    Premier Icon sirromj

    It”s just a fairly basic action cam – a Yi 4K.

    I did recently get a CPL filter and a UV filter for it from Aliexpress, but am I right in thinking these are more for bright sunny days?

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