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  • Clothing clearout, shorts, tops, armwarmers, Sealskinz socks
  • Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Having lost a few pounds, time to have a clearout of some stuff that is now surplus / too large.

    All these fitted me when I was nearly 16st / 38 waist / 44 chest. Some are now undeniably too big, some still fit me OK at 34″ waist / 40-42 chest. All are worn (but clean – if you want them unwashed you’re on the wrong website) and have no major damage, but where there is ‘above average wear and tear I’ll note it.

    All pricing is for Paypal and allows for fees and postage, if you want to gift up to you (I’m an old time stw’er, and you can trust me/check my history). Open to negotiate particularly for bulk buys. Email in profile.

    From top left and then clockwise.

    Gill LS base layer. Like a HH but not a HH. It doesn’t ming, has been washed with antibac powder just in case. Size L, still fits now, couple of bramble snags but no rips. £7.50

    Tenn Outdoors ss riding jersey w. back pockets, etc. White stripes go round the back for a slimming effect! Size 2XL, too big for me now, hardly worn. £10

    Nike Dryfit ss jersey. Not a specific riding jersey, has non-elasticated hem and no pockets. Size L 42/44 £7.50

    Tog 24 LS jersey. Non-riding specific. Elasticated hem. Size L/XL but pretty baggy on me now. £8

    Ground Effect shorts. Almost a denim sort of fabric. Couple of paint spots on the lower LH leg, fabric is rubbed from the saddle but plenty of thickness left, has a sewn in gusset pad which isn’t padded if you see what i mean, so you can wear them commando if you want. Size M, but fitted me (tightly) even when I was bigger, as long as I could get them over my ‘arris. £7.50

    Dare 2b lightweight khaki summer shorts. Hardly worn, too baggy for me now, size 36″. Stitching on rear slightly worn but where it’s double stitched no holes, etc. £7.50

    Ground Effect shorts – updated version of the black ones in a more technical fabric, otherwise features the same. Size M. These have some worn stitching on the rear, and the corner of the back pocket has come undone / needs tacking down. £7.50

    Tenn Outdoors long shorts (reach to just about the knee) vs others which are just above. Stretchy heavyweight cotton fabric, they’re quite a snug cut which stretch nicely. Slightly odd sizing, these are labelled as XXL but are a good fit on the arse and legs for me but need a belt to pull in excess waist. £7.50

    Also (not pictured, you’ll have to imagine them)

    Pair of black Crane (I think Lidl) L/XL armwarmers. A bit too loose, must bulk up the guns. £5

    Pair of plain black Sealskinz waterproof socks. Hardly worn, never got on with them and bought winter boots instead. £10

    and free to a good home for anyone that buys anything above – 2 pairs of Decathlon brand black sports socks. First one to buy something and utter the magic words ‘free socks please’ gets them.


    Sealskins- long/short and size? Cheers

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    size – not sure but fit me, I’m a size 10 shoe. And they are ‘ankle’ length.


    Emailed you……er….free socks please 😀

    Interested in the second “more technical fabric” pair of GroundEffect shorts – have you a model name for them and an inside leg measurement – and the moon on stick too please while you’re there 😉 … email in profile thanks

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