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  • Closest mountain biking to Cambridge?
  • Where’s the closest Mountain Biking to Cambridge? A few folks who live near the Peak District National Park are being offered jobs in the Eastern point of the Golden Triangle. I wondered how far away the nearest mountain biking would be in terms of time or distance. Or, would such a move need a shift to the ‘dark side’?


    Buy a Road/CX bike.


    It’s flat for miles and miles. My main reason for not going down there, PGP!

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    Don’t do it PGP!!

    It might be grim up north but the biking’s superbe!
    Shhhh! Don’t tell the southerners or they’ll all want to come up here!




    PGP- you’re not going dahn sarf are you? We’ll miss you.


    Cambridge is lovely, but it is bloody flat round there.

    Thetford is closest – lots of flat twisty singletrack – but Woburn isn’t much further if you don’t want to be constantly pedalling. If you like rocky trails then the peaks arr probably closest!

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    Bridleways around but nothing exciting Thetford is the only nearby place with any trails but it’s still quite flat
    If its still there the chalk quarry on lime kiln hill in cherry Hinton is good fun

    Heading further west to the Chilterns gets you some hills and fun to be had at woburn or chicksands

    Honestly your nearest bet for real terrain is probably errmmm …. the peak district !

    ive lived in Cambridge all of my life ,their isnt any decent trails for miles . there is only thetford which is ok for a day out but very flat or there is chicksands bike park (brilliant fun) which is where I spend most of my time. they are both about 45 mins drive from Cambridge in different directions. there used to be Woburn too hopefully it will be rebuilt.

    basicly you either need a car to visit places or a road bike to join the masses…

    There is plenty of singletrack at woburn, you just need to look for it or get someone to show you round. It has been quieter and with less risk of the wardens now the bike park is temporarily (probably permanently) flattened


    I moved to cambridge from Guildford. FML.
    Chicksands is closest and best bang for buck IMHO.


    I figured it’d be pretty flat having spent time visiting folks in Cambridge a while back. But that was without a bike, hence the question. Sounds like there’s woods, and paths, and trails. They’re fun. But… the Peaks.

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    The lack of mountain biking in Cambridge may not be a problem, given today’s news…
    Best of luck in any case if it is that particular company – bit of a rollercoaster the last few years.


    Other than Woburn/Chicksands

    I’d say get on the train to Broxbourne and do Broxbourne woods

    you can get a pretty fun day out of it, especially now its drying up

    email in profile if you need as guide


    There’s some nice countryside to the south of Cambridge, and it’s covered in bridleways (and footpaths.) You might even find some hills/singletrack within cycling distance of the city if you look hard enough. It’s not the peak district or Wales, but it’s not all bad.

    Apart from that, there’s the places that everyone else has mentioned.
    Epping forest isn’t too far either.

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