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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    the only did we do this already that google images found, sorry

    Premier Icon Mark

    We don’t store anyone’s CC details. I know that sounds odd considering so many of you pay us by CC every year and you get your card re-charged every year, but that’s because we don’t do it – our card processing company Spreedly – does that. It’s the Spreedly company that stores and charges your card and not us. This is a service we buy from them. They are certified PCI compliant. As are we to the level of being able to take a card payment over the phone and then destroy the details as soon as the payment is authorised. What we don’t do.. EVER.. is keep a record of anyone’s card details.

    If you are dealing with a Premier user then these people have paid us money, via our Spreedly system, and we will have an address on file for them. At the very least you will now that these people have given us money. But that in itself is still no guarantee of anything and you should still always be very VERY sceptical of anyone insisting on Paypal Gift.

    Some subscribers pay us by Direct Debit. These users we know very well. We even have their bank account details and a verified home address attached to that account information. But we currently don’t differentiate these users from others at the forum level.

    As Paypal say themselves, Paypal gift is intended for use between friends and family. It is NOT intended to be used to pay people you don’t actually know.

    Our advice stays the same. As is stated at the top of the Classifieds forum – we do not recommend the use of Paypal Gift at all. There is no comeback at all and it should be treated in exactly the same way as if you have been asked to post cash through the post.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    disappointing lack of ‘FFS!’ in Mark’s post.

    He’s probably got more right to a ‘How many more times am I goign to type this? FFS!’ than most.


    FWIW, from a legislative, compliance and regulatory standpoint, the processes and procedures required of an organisation wishing to store credit card details are an absolute ball-ache on a scale equating to applying Veet to your gentleman vegetables with a pneumatic drill and removing it with a wire brush.

    Applying a little common sense when using the classifieds is much simpler.

    Premier Icon Mark

    Nail head IHN..

    Just to be able to take a card payment over the phone and then destroy any recorded details as soon as the card payment has cleared has involved huge amounts of work down to the level of what type of shredder we are allowed to use.



Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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