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  • Clockwork, rigid forks?
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    Why not use Orange’s own forks?

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    My old Clockwork doesn’t understand ‘suspension’.

    It does love it’s old-school triple butted Kona P2’s though.

    Imho too many modern rigid mtb forks look like ugly little brothers of suspension forks (like someone left the lowers off…)

    The ‘Modern’ DB P2 has a disc caliper mount and is suspension corrected when you can find it. It’s a bit heavier but still nothing compared to the size of the Pikes on my Chameleon…

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    F8s? For some reason I thought they’d stopped making them. Sure I read it somewhere?
    Only £60 too!

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    Am going rigid for winter, fnarr fnarr.
    Orange say 130mm max for the frame. Currently have Tora 318 Solo Airs on.
    Suggestions? Have some Cromotos to put on a 29er but that ain’t built yet so nothing to compare to.
    Budget of £150ish (I’m 6’4, 15 stone and don’t do ‘gnarrly’, ride Calderdale, Lee Quarry, Saddleworth etc).


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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