Clicking / Twanging noise after new bearings in a crossmax st rear wheel?

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  • Clicking / Twanging noise after new bearings in a crossmax st rear wheel?
  • any ideas? i sent wheel in for new bearings at weekend, had new free hub ones too at the same time

    suddenly first two back to back rides ive acquired a twangy/click type noise on climbs?

    it almost sounds like the spokes twanging is best as i can describe it, never had this noise before it went in for bearings, and it was there from day one after the new bearings?

    i believe i had some hope freehub bearings put in my mavic freehub (told me they fit fine), and some enduro (betd) bearings in my main rear wheel hub

    it cant just be coincedence its comes straight from having that done, as it been absolutly silent for agesssss now, and its the only thing ive had done/changed

    any ideas?

    any ideas before i take it back in?


    my sx does that. i sprayed gt85 on the spoke/hub interfacey bits and it sorted it. sounded like loose spoke

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    My sons old Crossmax XL’s also do that occasionally – as Jedi said it seems to be the spoke/hub mounting area.


    Fitting bearings may have disturbed spokes which are now noisy. As Jedi says, I regularly lube hub/spoke junction with finish line wet lube to prevent the noise. I was told it was due to very thin layer of corrosion not allowing spoke to move cleanly as they inevitably should a very small amount in normal use. May be BS but whatever, lubing stops problem!

    thanks for replies, right thats interesting guys, it does sound like a clicking/twanging noise from spokes (ive had all manner of creaks/noises in the past and sorted them, but not a noise like this)….just seems a bit weird its after the bearings have been taken out and new ones put in (literally happened since then)

    so your just spraying a bit of lube/spray into the hub area itself? where the spokes come out of the hub? but like you say jim maybe the new bearings have disturbed the spokes, although there is no play in the spokes etc

    i’d love it if this was the fix! be the easiest noise related one yet!


    Fitting bearings inevitably involves jarring hub-thats what I meant by disturbing. Give it a go. I use heavier weight oil simply because it is easier to drop on exact spot which is where the forged spoke end sits in the machined grooves of the hub rather than spray over wider area


    If they had to drift the old bearings out they could easily have disturbed the spokes enough to cause this.

    cheers jim/tony

    from what i remember they had to get the bearings out / install new ones without mavic specific tools

    im adamant its to do with the new bearings/rear wheel in some way, as ive not touched an absolute other thing on the bike other than taking the rear wheel out

    nice easy fix if so, fingers crossed!


    Mavic specific tools are expensive! I have some Crossmax SLRs and have changed the bearings with just a pin spanner and hammer/drift without issue.

    If you’ve not touched anything else then it’s too coincidental not to be related! Lube em up and see. The lube might help them settle back into their preferred position also.

    cheers tonyd, i know they didnt use specific mavic bearings to replace them with (used hopefreehub ones and enduro (betd) bearings for the wheel but cant see that being the issue if they fitted ok

    maybe just maybe its the spokes then, ill take it up today see if it needs tensioning and also ask them to drop some oil into the hub/spoke area

    fingers crossed, and yep its to coincedental not to be related, in fact it has to be!

    well just took it into the shop, one spoke was a bit loose compared to the rest, not much else to report really mechanic suggested given the hub/spoke interface and perhaps giving it a drop of oil (or just a really good wash!) so will try that next

    he sort of replicated the sound by laying the wheel down flat on the floor and pressing down hard, and it made the same sort of pinging/ticking noise??? he said therefore it was a spoke issue if anything

    quick update, i gave the hub/spoke interface some lubing, but its done nothing, the noise is still there especially on climbs, and any sort of short sharp techy climb more so

    ive also regreased the freehub splines just incase, didnt have this noise before new bearings were put, so im still convinced its something to do with that, shop said the bearings are fine and said the setup of it was fine too (which i dont doubt, as its running fine!), just to coincedental to have suddenly got this noise after the bearings were changed?!


    I’ve now got this with my ST’s. They recently started twanging, turned out I had 2 loose spokes, spokes have now been sorted but the twanging persists. Gonna have to get it sorted as it’s V annoying!!



    If it is the spokes I would give the nipples a good few days worth of spraying with a spray like gt85 or wd40 before you attempt to tighten them. The nipples often seize into the rim and they snap when undone. This happened to mine and cost me approximately £160 for a new rim and spokes.
    They may not be seized but I was recommended by Mavic tech support when I rang them about mine. They said spray directly onto each nipple and also down the valve hole into the first cavity where the back of the nipples are. The guy said its common for water to get into this cavity and cause corrosion.

    paul – hmmmm, the guy at the shop made me start thinking it was something else just coincedence, but my bikes been absolutly silent since at least june last year, then i had goosed bearings in the back, (which were making a hamster wheel type noise only, no clicking), now 1st ride i had straight after the bearings were replaced and there it is, its almost like a ping/clicking noise when climbing

    it is pretty annoying, it did seem a little quiter at weekend generally, but it was still there and as soon as i got near a techy steep sort of climb it was there all the time

    could do with trying another wheel really, but typically its not as easy as that, as im on xx1 freehub

    EDIT : andy, could be i do tend to wash mine alot, but no more than this time last year, and never had this noise before, plus like i said there was no noise like this prior to the new bearings fitted hmmmmm!

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