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  • leffeboy
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    The same happens for me when I click in the box on my iPhone. My face recognition with Chrome automatically logs me in. I need to remember to tick the box first and THEN click in the username box to trigger the automatic login

    Could you reorder the buttons/boxes then?  I don’t always get it but when I have problems i have to remember to click the box at the bottom and then start filling in from the top.  It’s not so logical (unless the problem is now fixed of course)

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    @mark. Appreciate you’re doing this on a wing and a prayer 🙂

    Because session cookies have an expiry default set to 14 days. That’s how the majority of the internet operates.

    Yep, but using session cookies to define if a user is a paid up member or not is a clunky way of enabling persistence and access to websites.

    Can you not stick an expiry date in the users database and have a check when a page is visted against that? That way you get login, across multiple devices, that doesn’t expire and assigns correct rights to paid-up members.

    I’m not techie any more, but there’s plenty of IT bods here, so someone’s got the easy solution for ya 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 81 through 82 (of 82 total)

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