Clearout frames Onone, Santacrus, steel commuter, Carbon forks and cheap casette

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  • Clearout frames Onone, Santacrus, steel commuter, Carbon forks and cheap casette
  • chrismiller

    Santacruz Chameleon size medium in white with Thomson Seatpost, clamp and heaset.

    It has the ecentric bottom bracket so you can run it with gears or single speed. The system works great – its easy to adjust and doesn’t creak. I mostly ran it single speed, so the chainstay is in good condition. You can also use it to adjust the geometry a little.

    I’m 5’11” and it was great for messing about on, but maybe a touch small for crosscountry riding (why i’m selling).

    Condition wise I would say good, no dents or cracks just scufs consistant with normal use. I used it for cross country so its had an easy life. Would probably benifit from a new set of stickers.

    Includes Thomson Seatpost 30.9, layback black 400mm, seat claps and FSA orbit XL headset. This is in good condition and reasonable smooth.

    Price £220 posted. £200 pick up from cambridge. Too much? Make me an offer.

    Onone Inbred
    Color – that blue
    slot dropouts so will do ss and gears.
    Again decided it was a tad small, its longer than the santacruz but still a touch under size for me I think.
    How about £110 posted or £90 pickup from cambridge?

    Sorry about the photo, didn’t realise it was blury until I got to work.

    Next is my old comuter frame, I think it was orignally made by giant due to a small stamp on a dropout. At somepoint somebody has had it modified with an eccentric bottom bracket and disc mount.

    I had it setup with road brakes (need long reach ones)

    its got a fairly long top tube so you need use mtb bars or be over 6′ to use drop bars.

    Its powder coated in black with scuffs and chips consistant with being a comuter!

    What about £30 posted? or £10 pickup from cambridge.

    Now some forks

    The first are kona project 2 V only ones in a nice (but scratched) gold color. Maybe from 1993? don’t really know. The stearer is pretty short, so will need a threaded headset. I think from memory is 170mm, but if its critical for your project i’ll measure it.

    Maybe £20 posted? £10 picked up

    Second pair of forks are onone carbon forks. Much longer steerer, again i’ve forgotten to measure it, however it should work with most frames that don’t have massive headtubes. Message me for exact length.

    Disc only in very nice condition.
    £65 posted £55 picked up.

    Finally a cheap 9 speed cassette. Brand new, camme on a kona Kula a few of years ago. £15 posted. £10 collected.

    looks a bit manky in the photo, fine in real life!


    Better Pics available of request.

    Payment by cash, bank transfer or paypal (gift or you pay fees)

    Contact: chrismiller 49 at gmail roundblob c0m

    Premier Icon dknwhy

    I’ll have the carbon forks. Will email you….


    gah, I openned this post seconds too late. Second dibs on the carbon forks please if dknwhy doesn’t take them


    dknwhy first dibs on carbon forks, jamiep second. Waiting for email…

    Premier Icon stusphoto

    hi Will you take 185 posted for the Santa Cruz frame cheers stu

    Could you measure the steerer on the P2s for me please? I would also like to know whether they’re the triple butted ones (should have a stamp on the front of the steerer “CM/TB” if they are)

    If the steerer is 163mm or longer & they have the stamp, I’ll take them.


    Alas the p2s are the triple butter version, however the steerer is only 122mm long- must have come off a tiny frame!

    Stusphoto I’ll let the santacruz go for £200 poster



    Carbon forks sold.

    Premier Icon itsallgood


    Sent you an email re. the frame.



    reply sent.


    can you put V brakes on the inbred? if so I’ll take it

    Premier Icon itsallgood

    Thanks for the pics. Sent you a mail – i’ll take it please.


    Santacruz frame sold.

    MrsMugsy – the inbred is disc only.



    Hi Chris, given the age of the ad, this longshot, but is the Project 2 still available? Thanks, Mat

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