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  • Clearout: Cotic, Pike, Thomson, SRAM, Gamut, Syntace, Shimano etc.
  • fudge9202

    £35 posted for Thomson seatpost?

    Aye, go on then. Email in profile.


    Money sent David, cheers Gary.

    Premier Icon richwales

    Whats the fork steerer length please?
    Edit also the spring rating

    Cheers Gary, I need your address though!

    New id forgotten something, 196mm for the fork steerer!

    Spring is standard, medium.

    I’ve split my Cotic down so I’ve got the following parts for sale, all prices include recorded postage and Im open to sensible offers. You can come and collect items if you want, Im based up North in the South of Cumbria. I’ll apologise now for the ropey photos, I can get better ones for people that may want them, but these will give you an idea.

    Cotic BFe frame – Large, Gristone, bought about a year ago, not used a great deal and I dont think its been ridden at all this year. Decent structural condition and helitape was applied when I built it up. There are some scrapes to the paintwork, especially on the chainstays – I’ve touched these up with some black paint to prevent rust. Comes supplied with an Orbit MX headset and the chainstay protector. If you pay the asking price then you can have a black Salsa seat clamp aswell. £200

    Rock Shox Pike 454 forks – These are the top of the range model featuring an alloy steerer, hollow crown, 20mm Maxle and the following adjustments:

    Coil U-Turn (140mm-95mm),

    No marks to the stanchions but theres a few marks to the lowers. These were working perfectly, until the weekend. I’d just built my bike back up, went for a bounce up the road and felt something on my arm. A jet of oil had come out of the top of the damping side fork leg. It looks like the o-ring seal has gone, an easy fix no doubt – for someone that can be bothered! Ive also heard Loco tuning is pretty good. £100

    Thomson Elite seatpost – In-line measuring 31.6mm x 410mm. Good condition £37.50

    Syntace P6 seatpost – In-line (although offers a degree of set back) measuring 27.2mm x 400mm. Good condition, probably a better post than the Thomson to be honest due to its range of adjustment £37.50

    Gamut P20 chain device – Fits 32 to 34 tooth chainrings and ISCG 05 mounts. A quality, lightweight chain device, I swapped the bashguard to a BBG lightweight alloy model. Comes with some fixtures and fittings and some stickers. £45

    Shimano Hone crank arms – 175mm long, bit of heel rub, granny ring tabs filed down for chain device clearance, they come with an okbutabitropey condition BB and you can have an old shimano 32t chainring with them aswell if I find one. Shit but good cranks, they’ve been going strong for ages. My new frame has some cranks fitted already so these are for sale. £22.50

    Shimano SLX cassette – 9 speed, 32/11, not used a great deal £22.50

    SRAM X9 shifter – 9 speed, it no longer has the little red piece of plastic in it to indicate the gear you’re in. I removed it for weight saving cos I’m a roadie and I enjoy trying to guess what gear Im in. £15

    SRAM X9 rear mech – 9 speed, short cage £22.50

    Superstar chain tensioner – Fixed type (the best type!). I’ve filed a larl amount off the top of it so it fit my dropouts on my old frame better. £5

    Shimano brake disc – 203mm Saint centre lock. Unused. £10

    My email address is in my profile if you want to get in touch. Probably a better option than posting on this thread. I’ll give priority to anyone that buys multiple items Some pictures of the items are below.



    Il give you 80 for the pikes. I need a heavier spring so need to cost that in.
    I’m going up to whinlatter on Friday if that helps.


    The pikes are sold.

    Crankset sold


    £16 for the rear mech?

    Nah, not desperate to sell. They’re still £60 on Chain reaction.


    no worries.


    hi – ill take the rear mech.


    Still have the syntace seatpost? Email me at chris dot n dot thorburn at gmail dot com if you do

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