Cleaning bikes with Worx Hydroshot

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  • Cleaning bikes with Worx Hydroshot
  • What’s your procedure? Any tips? Are the accessories like the brushes, soap dispensers, etc… a useful addition?


    I spray the bike down with water to clear off most of the mud…
    Spray all over the bike with muc-off stuff, using the bottle/trigger spray..
    Agitate with a washing brush (like, pennies from Ikea!)…
    Wash all the mud off with water again.

    Then I’ll give the chain a quick spray with degreaser and use a blue roll to clean it/dry it.
    Then I’ll spray the bike with mud-off stage 3 stuff – “Protect and shine”.

    Then I’ll spray the stantions/dropper/shock with juicy lubes fork lubes…

    Lush, shiny, spotless bike!


    Premier Icon Tracey

    As above but use a wash mitt, Jizer degreaser if the drivetrain requires it and wipe with an old towel.

    Silicon spray on stantions/dropper/shock, using Lidls at the moment.

    Cleaner bike for next ride.

    Mine is based on what we do when away with the camper as thats where the Hydroshot is

    Premier Icon oikeith

    When using post ride:
    I’ll damp the brush and flick or brush the big clumps off
    Rinse brush, spray muc off on brush and then clean bike, when the brush gets dirty rinse and re spray it
    when clean, ill rinse the bike before using a microfibre to give it a quick dry before spraying some GT85 on the chain for the drive home, once home ill dry that off and apply actual chain lube then lube the stanchions too.


    I mostly use mine for getting the worst off after a CX race before a proper clean at home (normally involved taking the cassette mech apart to remove grass!) Below is what I do – based on CX pit crew experience and where time isn’t always a luxury.

    Blast off the drive chain as it is worst. Followed by the wheels/tyres. Then remove most of the mud working from the top to the bottom of the bike.

    Soft soapy brush (spray soap onto brush) start on the drive chain to give it time to work on the grease. Then top to bottom. Follow this with a rinse and it is usually fine. Occasionally spot clean any area I’ve missed.

    I just have the basic kit. I use a variety of cheap brushes bought elsewhere. Alloy wheel brush for around the frame, large soft brush for open areas and an old paint brush for mechs etc.

    I’ve put a set of old drop handlebars on my workstand which makes it dead easy to move around the bike rather than have it against a wall.

    If really muddy then degreasing isn’t an issue. If doing an oily bike (like my commuter) I’d use a separate brush to tackle the drive chain to stop spreading grease around.


    Hose pipe to get big lots of mud off
    Spray on bike cleaner, agitate with small brushes and also a big old soft yard brush for doing whole bike
    Rinse with soft jet wash
    Dry with a dog blower(amazon), great for getting water out of everywhere and completely drying drivetrain
    Clean drive train with drivetrain cleaner
    Lubricate drive train

    The dog blower means the bike goes away completely dry especially the chain, cassette and derailleur.

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    Quick, slightly unrelated PSA.

    Amazon have the soft bristle rotary brush attachment on offer for 13quid + postage, (prime not available, dunno why). Probably more applicable to car washing, but didn’t see an obvious thread about that.

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