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  • Clayton Vale Trails. Impressed.
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    I went to Clayton Vale around a month ago but due to a lack of signage it was all a bit disjointed. I had a couple of hours spare this morning so nipped over and now the signage is in place (mostly) it flows really nicely. It’s amazing what they’ve packed into such a small space and the trails have bedded in a little now and it’s riding really nicely.

    The red and orange bits after the bridge are especially good with some nice little drops and quick tight switchbacks which could catch you out if you’re not careful.Great stuff.

    I agree. For some midweek evening blasts, it’s perfect. I don’t think they could have used the land any better.

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    Keep meaning to take my son to this. Sounds great.
    Where’s the best (safest) place to park?


    Velodrome carpark is easily the best parking option. 🙂

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    Great – ta

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Went on Sunday with the family.
    Parked at velodrome (after skirting around road closured for half an hour due to some silly bike event 😉

    Thought it was great – perfect for my boys.

    One criticism though. I thought it had a bit of that BMX/Pumptrack mentality of trying to make everything tricky. i.e. trying to teach you rather than just letting you have fun. I was hoping to just be able to practice some jumps, but mostly the jumps were into/out of a berm, or too tight, or too up/down.
    Llangegla does a great job of just letting you have fun. This was just on the ‘preachy’ side.

    Boys loved it though – red was perfectly rideable.

    My wife struggled with the berms – she doesn’t really have any desire to learn either, so I’ll probably have to go back without her in future.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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