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    There’s a red/orange section that’s fast and jumpy, there’s a junction where you can go left for the red or right for the orange.

    The orange takes you back to the top again, i think (maybe)

    Thanks Scaled.

    Yep, I went down that bit. Maybe because I was riding it blind, or because I’m just not very good at jumping but I couldn’t get enough speed to get anything on those table tops. I thought there might be something similar in height to (the other) Phillips Park.

    Had my first pootle up to Clayton Vale last night.

    A great little city centre facility. Having said that, I can’t help feeling I missed out on something. There were three guys will full facers on some pretty serious looking bikes? Is there a jumps section?? (I came across the odd table top here and there, but being a terrible jumper, nothing I could get air on)

    Some other points:
    – Is there a trail building rationale to have a drop immediately before going straight into a lipped berm. Came across a few last night, and if you over cooked it / weren’t that steady the berm could be become a launch pad to a world of pain.
    – A few of the maps have been ripped off around the course (I know it’s a loop, but I still got a little confused). Why do people do this? Seriously, is there a black market for these or something?
    – Lots of people going the wrong way up trails. Combined with the amount of kids I saw without helmets (often with their parents), I can’t help feeling there must be quite a lot of accidents up there.

    Went into grumble mode toward the end there, but city centre riding is always welcome, so kudos to the people who got involved in sorting it.


    There is nothing you need a full face for there…unless you intend to crash a lot.


    eightyeight I’d recommend Philips Park (Prestwitch)over Clayton Vale any day of the week. So if you have not been there yet give that a go 😀


    There is a pump track and a few jumps over the road.

    They spent quite a lot of money on the place but I don’t think they do much maintenance and the track has started to deteriorate a bit. I saw someone riding a quad bike on it though so hardly surprising.

    Badllama – Phillips park is my local. I was getting a bit fed up of the 8, but now I have a new appreciation for how well put together it is! I made the silly mistake of trying something new.

    Chambord – I did note the ‘CCTV in operation’ signs, but obviously you can’t stop idiots. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    Looking forward to doing something proper on the weekend now.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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