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    “I don’t want cycling to become an elite sport like skiing,” she says. “To me it’s a soul sport, an art form. I see the world in a different light when I’m looking at it from a bicycle.”
    Missy Giove 1996
    Found this on a trip down memory lane, always admired her riding but didn’t realise she was spiritual aswell.

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    She’s right, when you look at gymnastics and ice skating, the stuff they can do is amazing but the soul has been lost by intensive coaching, and people can’t develop their own style..

    One of my favourite quotes is….

    “Culture doesn’t matter anyway, what matters is having someone you love waiting for you at home or something like that.”

    MC Paul Barman

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    Was the “…or something like that” part of the original quote?

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    Classy quote…:

    “The only way to bag a classy lady is to give her two tickets to the gun show… and see if she likes the goods.”

    Ron Burgundy 2004.

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