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  • classifieds advice please.
  • Premier Icon Onzadog

    I have some wheels for sale but not generated too much interest. Just wondering what puts people off second hand wheels and would I be better off just selling the hubs as I’m happy to keep the rims as spares.


    Unfortunately the obvious and probable answer is you’re asking too much.

    Try drumming up some business by posting about them in the main bike forum.


    Having checked your ad, you’re selling quite old parts for the same sort of price people are selling the more recent versions at.

    I’d drop the price of your wheels by £40 and brakes by something like £70.

    Secondhand hubs in my experience generate no interest at all due to the cost of getting them built up.

    Also, your ad needs breaking into paragraphs- it took me 3 quick scans to realise there were even wheels on that list. Make it clearer what you’re selling and more people will respond.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    5 bolt hubs are a bit of a problem if you don’t already have 5 bolt rotors, I guess. They also make the hubs sound pretty old (pics might help here)

    Rear hubs (more specifially the freehubs) might be of interest to me & possibly others but TBH I think mostly people (me incuded) are moving away from bulbs (I think spares are unavailable now ?)

    Premier Icon cp

    Unfortunately, it’s old stuff. The hubs take non standard rotors etc… and as mentioned above, much more recent ones can be had for much less.

    Your brakes are basically the same price as a pair of XTs from Rose bikes, so doubt there would be any interest at all…


    No pics and too expensive.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Thanks folks. Couple of useful comments in there. I’d priced the wheels similar to the brakes as they’re similar at retail and the brakes went forthe asking price. I realise ultimately, they’re only worth what someone’s willing to pay.

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