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  • robdob

    I am a big fan of retro Volvo estates and am considering buying one which is over 20 years old.
    I’ve had a look at insurance quotes from and the like and they all seem to be £500+
    I won’t be doing much mileage and it won’t be for commuting.
    Any ideas on companies to look at for insurance? I always hear of people insuring performance motors on classic insurance policies for £200 or something so I want to know how they do it!!

    Premier Icon kcal

    usually org. like make owners clubs will have good deals on insurance?

    I think our car must be getting to that age, insured M&S for example. Plenty other places don’t want to know as cost of parts make it prohibitive (but then the write-off will be quick..)

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Not had a classic for a while but I did some I used were Hastings, Footman James and Adrian Flux. Get on the owners forum and see who others use

    Certainly worth looking at Owner’s Clubs. Most people who join only do so for the cheap insurance, I’m sure!

    Premier Icon hopkinsgm

    Worth noting that many specialist/classic policies assume that you have use of another car. They tend to require you to keep the car locked up in a garage, and mostly will stimulate a mileage limit. I’d avoid Adrian Flux like the plague. Footman James weren’t bad, but a bit pricey. Peter Best Insurance Services worth a look…

    i’ve always found owners club insurance more expensive than other places. personally i use performance direct. but check the comparrison sites, i think moneysupermarket, as one of them now has a dedicated classic car comparrison function.


    Thanks all, any other suggestions welcomed.

    I have a company car I would use to get to work. No garage but would be parked off the road.


    I’ve used Pete Best I.S. for my tired Series II/III LR on fully comp., limited mileage, left in field basis for the last few years and it’s barely £100 premium – recommended.

    Premier Icon Doh1Nut

    I have not had a problem with Adrian Flux – still currently insured with them and they do a breakdown cover for £30 or something when you insure with them. Many breakdown companies wont touch anything over a certain age – or bump up the price.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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